The Secret101/Spirituality (6)

spiritualityWednesday is a Spirituality day. ‘The fear of the Lord is true wisdom; to forsake evil is real understanding.’ Job28:28. I welcome everyone into the. month of excess and abundance, as God is ready all the time it’s human being that needs to walk upright and live right. Just this morning while trying to do what I love to do everyday I received several messages from friends including you. But deep inside me I know fulfillment is a product attainment. Until you walk in some path you cannot smell some stuff. So no prophecy come to past because of the prophet, prophecy come to past because you play your part, which is your level of engagement, that will determine your level of result. If you want all those prayers shared by you to find expression please follow our teaching last week and what we about to share.

Brand consultants knew the power behind human body that is why most of them recommend successful people in their fields to project the image of their clients products. Samsung corporation pays Didier Drogba, and other Africa footballers huge amount money to project their products. There is actually a phone called THE POWER of Drogba. Samsung knew that Drogba is the only footballer that can showcase the intent of the phone. So if companies knows the secret of Humanbody to project their products don’t you think God will need your body to project his good works on earth? Companies needs successful people in their field, I think God need successful people that has His fear to do that product display for Him.

Your present result is a product of your level of relationship with your creator. You can’t share your body with just anybody and attract God’s Favour. Your body, Soul and Spirit are what God needs to get things done on the earth. Your body is the temple of God 1Cor3:16-17. If Drogba can work on his body to be useful by Samsung, then you need to work on your body to be useful by God. Rom12:1 ‘And so, dear brothers and sisters, I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all he has done for you. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice—the kind he will find acceptable. This is truly the way to worship him.’

Any lady that sleep with a man that is not her’s has lost what money can’t buy, also for a man that find joy in having sex with ladies has successful lost his place in destiny. The secret is this, your expected day of your goodness, mercy and God’s Favour can’t be stop, but it can be prolong and the duration can be shorten, even if you final get what belongs to you from God. As a lady having sex with a man that’s not yours is like giving your Debit card with your pin numbers to someone you don’t know. You will agree with me that your account will turn red in few minutes. Every man is sex driven, sex to a man is just like food, and the best way an hungry man will not abuse a food is to cook it himself, even in the time of hungry. Because if you have mercy on him and give him ready made food, very soon you will be the person that will be hungry not for the food but for him to eat your food all the time and you know what that means, he’s no more hungry you are now the person that is hungry.

Pause one minute as a lady aren’t you going through this time in your relationship? and as a guy I think you can second me that it is the simple truth. Sex does not retain a guy it rather make him to be done with you and make him proceed to the next victim. Sex to man is like food, you know anybody can have some taste of other food even when you are not hungry just to keep the mouth moving. The secret is this every man is sexually built but what makes every man, not to mess around is the fear of God. Did your boyfriend has the fear of God? That’s why you should be very careful not to base your criteria for choosing a man on materials things, because everyman can work hard to acquire anything, rather you should base it on spirituality which is the FEAR of God, because is not every man that is spiritual, and any man can let go what they have in other to get what they want.

No matter how far you are on the top speed of life to get to your destination wrong road cannot get you to your destination but if you can turn you will be facing a different direction to your destination, then you will be on your way to the top. Till i share with you again know that as food to everyone so is sex to a man, don’t pity him if you don’t want to be pity soon. Only marry people are entitle to sex.

…be inspired, live abundant life, help others.

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