The Secret101/Self Development (7)

The Secret101/Self Development (7)

Thursday is a Self Development Day. I welcome you to this great week of different. The week has been mind blowing, with all kind of traffic on our blog, and so many amazing secrets has been revealed here over time. For some of us that have missed part of the messages please do visit our blog, notes on facebook, or our group This week matter to us so we will appreciate your comments via our blog

You are solely responsible for the outcome of your life. Your parent are just the channel they are not responsible, your siblings are not responsible because the top is free for all, only the people that really desire it find their way there. Your challenges are very good tools to use in others to get to the top. Life is a battle field and only the people that are ready ever win the fight. You can’t say no to the battle, it is a must fight battle. If you choose not to fight life, life is really to fight you. Your bills are ready, taxes, Government, etc. It is interesting to know that we are all wrestler either knowingly or unknowingly. Every level of life attract each New Devil, you need to fight all the sometimes if you want remain and retain you Life. Those that are not ready always remain on the same spot of life. So school mate is not life mate. That is why you will see first class graduate still begging to apply, because he refused to learn from life education.

Once you know life is highly demanding your responsibility now is to build up (2 Tim2:15). Build up your Spirit, Soul and Body. You need your Spirit to connect with your creator, your Soul to learn and relearn and build up to build capacity for your opportunity, also make yourself ready, because nothing happens on the earth except a body is available. God needs Bishop David Oyedepo’s body to bring Winner Chapel international to the earth. The Body of Richard Branson is needed for us to see Virgin, Robert Kiyosaki body was available for us to read Rich Dad Poor Dad book series, also my body is needed for you to read thesecret101 each for free.

I have come to the understanding that what you really want to get is exactly what you will get. What becomes of you will be largely be determine by the level of investment on yourself. Life will not give you more than what you can invest. This is what Jesus has this to say in John12:24 ” Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain” The secret is this, your life is a seed, and until you sow it you can’t reap it. You must be ready to take risk and learn from mistake, if you choose not to learn, you will end where you are. If people are moving and you choose not to move, you are actually moving but a backward movement.

You need to define your Life, Purpose and Vision, You are more than 30days. The word DIE means, you are out of this world because your purpose has taken the whole of your life. EXCEPT means dieing is the sure way to living. The question is this if your boss does not incorporate the company that you work presently, what will happen? I know you will want to say you will work with another company, another question what If the owner of the another company does start it what will happen? There is nothing wrong in working, but everything is wrong if the owner show you the way out instead of you walking away.

Any success you see today is a product of what someone has died for, that is why. That is why they can control you over and over again. Those that once dies will live forever, and those that once live will died forever. Verse 25 of John 12 shows this “He who loves his life will lose it, and he who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life” The secret way to the top is Self Development. Nobody cares to listen to a failure, they only listen to Successful fellow. If you become, you will live your life to the fullness. I was on the quest for knowledge one day and I found this great statement by an ancient King called Solomon. Here is what He said and I quote “If you are wise, you are wise for yourself, and if you scoff, you will bear it alone.” So make a choice today either to be wise or scorn. Life is Good if you are good.

…be inspire, live abundant life,  help others.

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