The Secret 101/ ACCOUNT SETTLEMENT (7)

Saturday is an Account Settlement Day.Today is the sixth Day in our seventh week of thesecret series I will be sharing with you on the results of responsibility. Life is all about responsibility. Responsibility is all about accountability,and every good job deserves a reward. You can fail men, but you must get it right with God. God is always ready to hear from you concerning how you have gone with Your life. So let Him know the return on investment on your life, also what His investment on You will be. So brace up and do the necessary it is another account Settlement Day.

There are no ordinary vision, what we have are men that are ordinary. You can’t be better than your present state, until you are more responsible. Life is really Good, if you can makeup your mind to work it out. You need to know that, if you are not reporting to God, men will not report to you, and you have denial yourself of His expansion. Therefore, you are where you are because you choose to be there. Report your day to God you will have successful week. Report your successful week to God you will to have a wonderful month. Report a wonderful month, you will have a great year.

Therefore, real life is not what you have, but about what you want to have. If you can see your self controlling big Corporation, you should know how to be responsible with little business. Your life is your first Business so live it well and settle account on it, as time demands. Below are the 3 powerful results that usually follows a good account settlement.

1. Compliment: Any time you show God what you have done over the week and what you intent to do. I can imagine Him saying Well done and tapping your back.

2. Recognize: Every good delivery, deserve a good encourage. So anytime you show God what You have done, He will give you strength to do what you can’t do.

3. Rest: The last but not the least here is Rest. A lot of People likes to Work Hard but they forgot there is Work Smart. This mean you relax and let thing work what you should have work.

If you desire, all the 3 above God’s Compliment, Recognition and Rest, let Him know what you have done with your time.

Happy weekend, please do share with your list.

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

The Secret101
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