The Secret 101/LOVE (8)

The Secret 101/LOVE (8)

Friday is a Day of LOVE. Welcome to this great day of joy. Let us exploit the secret in Love again, remember love is all about helping others. Let me start with this, story of mine. Two years ago I was walking on one of the major roads in Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria, and Holy Spirit ministered to me by asking this simple, and this is the question. Why do you save your money in bank? The question was just straight to me. I was shocked, because with my good understanding in finance, and with my background I have in accounting, I tried to give answer alongside my knowledge, but all of my answers are very wrong. But few minutes after I left that spot the answer came. The reason why people save is their personal believe they HAVE IN THE BANKER. Customers believe they can have access to their money anytime. Once customers can’t access their money again they will leave and cease to bank again. As it happens in human so it is with Gods. You are Bank God is the one saving money with you. Once you can’t release the money to help people again, He will cease to bank with you. That is why some rich people that you see some years ago, are very poor, some are even begging to feed now. It’s all because God has ceased to bank with them.

I will appreciate you understand this; God is the one that gives you power to get wealth. Anytime you make money know that God own the money I means all the money on earth. …Thus says the lord God silver and Gold are mine (Hag2:8). This is what Holy Spirit taught me that someday that He asked me the first question “I gave you my money to help people not for you, to spend alone”. So you are God’s representative on the earth. You are only permitted to do what God can do only. Helping people out of their mess, been the solution to their entire problems and an answer to the challenges, these are all of your responsibilities 1John3:17. But whoever has this world’s goods, and sees his brother in need, and shuts up his heart from him, how does the love of God abide in him?

Thesecret101 is not I want to write idea, its God given vision to bless people and for as many that have being part of this vision may the hands of God be reveal on you according to Isaiah 53:1 in the name of Jesus. Can you remember 5years ago; do you ever think you can be in this position of yours? Now you have home, businesses, fat bank account and you think all that you have your effort? You are blessed by God for you to be a blessing to man ask father Abraham Gen12:1-3. All that God gave you are to be return to Him via helping people ask Hannah. So, stop thinking self Start thinking others. Thinking others brings Abundance and excess, thinking self leads to comfort, and want. Show some love let what you can afford create what you cannot afford.

Each country in the world has her own language, even in this part of the world that I was born we have many languages, but the only language that every human being in the world understands is LOVE. You don’t need to go to any school to understand what the other person is saying If we all speaks LOVE the world will turn to heaven where nobody will die again. This is one Africa saying “if we all come together to take care of the sick the way we celebrate the death the world could have being more homely. Think about this, you are god and what God can do, is what you can. The Big question is God stingy?

Do have a great weekend, and remember love simply means giving.

…be inspire, live abundant life And help others.
The Secret101
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