The Secret101/Self Development (8)

Thursday is a Self Development Day. Life is good, and every day secret lift you up. Today secret is about Learning and Experience. Before I proceed I will like to announce that if you are not learning and growing everyday you are far from destiny. People are working everyday and they are not just working for money they seriously working to discover new thing. So I will be talking today as coach, stand up and move up, there is no time left for you to waste. If you don’t want to work now you will work forever. I have seen people at 55years, that still beg to apply for Job. You have to brace up if you don’t want to fall down. You will never amount to anything if you continue as if you are arrived. The only thing that matter to the matter of your life is YOU, if you know how much your life count you won’t just live like others. Be sure of what you want to do, how you want to do it and when you want to do it. You matters to me.

I am a student of life, because life is a teacher. I learn from all things either good or good. This is my discovery no matter what you think you know, your experience about what you know tell me of what you really know. I was watching one of the business men in India by name Gurnani, in an interview on Bloomberg. He was talking about the Gap between School and life. Life is at extreme from School. Today been the eighth week of this daily devotional of thsecret101. Ask your self have you learn anything? If not just send us an email of to stop receiving, as a matter of fast so many people has told us to remove them from our list and we did, the purpose of this vision is to equip people with the secret that breads Kings and Queens, not for crowd. If what you are receiving is less than what makes great just react.

Experience is far above Information. Information is what you hear in other to learn, Experience is the confirmation of what you hear because you want to learn. You get information to add up, we learn by experience. That is why organization still spends much money to train newly employed staff. The purpose of this is to aligning them with “how to” of their company. No matter what you know, you still need to pass through the reality, which will give you certificate of satisfaction. If you discover how to make money, the question is why you don’t make enough by now. If God called you to be a Pastor what makes your church not to grow to your desire number? The reason is that you are still where you are because you are waiting to get what you need to stay at the top when you get to the top. You may be losing money from business, don’t worry just learning from your mistake and move ahead. You may lose a relation of 3-5years just relax your experience in the university of life, is what will guaranty your place in destiny. No matter what you know in life you still need to learn it. In the process of your learning is when experience comes in place.

Young graduates usually lose job offer for just one major reason, Lack of Experience. Check the faces of newspapers where you found job offers it will be boldly written, because it is the major factor in hiring applicants. The reason is this. Nobody wants to waste money everybody needs a Team that can produce cheaper, faster and easier, and the three are products of Experience, what organization really pay for is the experience and experience is just your self knowledge about a particular subject. So if company needs experience to get things done, don’t you think life will needs same? So where you are now is not a bad place is just the right place for now because you are going some where.

So learn today, only those that learn today are candidate for greatness tomorrow.

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

The Secret101
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