The Secret101/ Life Management (8)

Tuesday is a Life Management Day. Welcome to this insightful time with life again. To start with let me makes some things clear to us, about life and money. Money is the cheapest thing to get, but hardest thing to manage is your life, and if you don’t manage your life well you cannot get the real money that you desire. So if you can work on yourself and develop and pay your entire dues, and be a better person, automatically without stress money will flow to you anywhere you go. Money a is force that goes in the direction of people that plan and manage their life well. As planning is the first for proper and good execution, so is Time to life. As promised I suppose to be sharing with you on 3 Tips on Time Management, but I will suspend that it next week. So I will be sharing with you on The 3 Life destroyers. Please I don’t just want you to read and share I want you to learn and live ready.

If you really have and know what to do, you will know that 24hours is not enough. Using all your time to chat, around and use all of your best time to make things happen for others will not take you anywhere. Beware they are time Easters. Their mission is to Steal, Kill and destroy your good future. You need to be careful. Those that make news don’t watch news. Those that are in business that watch others work, they work while others are not working. Your life is a business trade it with all your gifts. Never you allow people that are neither going somewhere nor sure of where they are going, to stop you go where you are going. Life is highly demanding. You need to know what you are doing per time. Frequently ask what really take much of my Time. Don’t listen to people don’t see your future for you, use your best time to develop your best life.

The secret is this, whatever that can’t contribute to you should not demand your time, and if it does don’t give it all. Your time is the precious stone that you must treasure; know that money can’t buy value it. That is why interviewers will always ask how much you want to earn. What they are really asking for is how much can we pay for your time which you have invested over time. Part of what I do is recruitment I have met with graduate that don’t have worth, and no expectation, because that don’t use their time to study and grows in the university of life. Some time you need to cut down the time spend for the following: TV Time, Sleeping time, Eating Time. Also be watchful of friends that are fighting your vision. All they can see are what you are yet to do, or done wrong they choose to compete again you. If you give time to what that does not profit you, you will reap what that does not profit you.

Whatever you allow into your life will determine what that will become of you. Whatever is happens in life are all that you allow. Life needs your permission, before they gain access. Everything in you is the change that you want to see. Till next week that I share on the remaining time Easters. Be conscious of how your life, there is no duplicate for it.

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

The Secret101
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