The Secret101/Creation & Wisdom (8)

Monday is a Creation & Wisdom day. I welcome you to this great week of solution. It’s my great pleasure to share with you after a long time of sharing on People and no doubt we all know that people are the foundation of every great life and businesses lies with the number of people that they are serving. Nothing happens to you except you happen to yourself and the people around you. Real vision is base on you to become a solution, and meeting the need of peoples. Even God needs you to enjoy all that he has created for the first 5days of creation that was why He created human being last for us to enjoy all things. So people are the reason for everything. Imagine a country, state and your local area without people. The greatest among the creatures of God is the people, that was why He sent His only Son to come and rescue people out of the mess of Devil and all round want.

So I believe with everything inside me that People is the first and powerful P in the school of success. Let me introduce you to the second P that really make the difference from the world changers and king. If I may explain, world Change are the 5% that are controlling and determining how the economy of a particular country or businesses are run. They are powerful I called them the Determinant. Let me introduce the Two popular to you, they are Warren Buffet and Bill Gate. Believe me or not they are in charge. Okay let me introduce more big guys in ministry outside business, Pastors E.A Adeboye and Bishop David O. Oyedepo. Bill Gate and Buffets has been on the lists of Forbes for years as the world richest. Pastors E.A. Adeboye host over one million people every first Friday of each month and Bishop David Oyedepo built the biggest church in auditorium with 50,000 capacity, and run four services every Sunday. The minimum worshipers every Sunday is over 120,000

Theses names above don’t just RULE their world by vision. They also bring satisfaction to mankind by one thing that people really pay for. People loves your vision does not connote you will make money the next day. The Second P in the in the school of success is called PRODUCT. This is what really make stars and also define your fans. Fans make Stars, But STARS make money. Money flows to the direction of products. What is Product? A product is defined as idea in physical. Ability to turn around your idea to what people needs and want to pay for is called product. It is what makes you to sign up into the school of billionaires. Think Bill Gate think Windows, Think Buffet, think Stocks, think Pastor E.A Adeboye think The Redeemed Christian Church Of God, and think Winner Chapel think Bishop David Oyedepo. No future for your vision if you can’t create products out it. God gives Vision, but you have to Create Product(s). Your product is what tells people you have a vision.

Till next week that I will continue on products as the second P in the school of success, no that people that you gather are not for fun, but to buy your products, but if you don’t have product, then you don’t need people. Start creating your products if you have people.

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

The Secret101
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