The Secret101/THANKSGIVING (8)

Sunday is THANKSGIVING Day. This is the day that God has made let us rejoice and be glad in it. You are welcome to this fantastic day. Each Sunday is another day to receive from if you can please Him. It is the day that God don’t think any other thing but only those that can bless Him for him to bless them in return, appreciate and let Him know what He is capable of. This is the good news God don’t need to create anything because He has created everything. What God created are locked up in Heaven and it only by praising Him that they are release things happen. Let me shock you God created everything, but He doesn’t need them. The only thing He needed is YOU. Thank you Jesus from your mouth is like using a master key to unlock a box full of money and the owner is requesting you to take as much as you can. Thanksgiving is far more than more than what you think it is.

They are two great musicians from Nigeria, Ebenezer Obey and King Sunny Ade. Those musicians has made landmark in the country, for just eulogizing the soul of men. So if men can appreciate someone for praising them how much more God that created Heaven and earth. Remember God created everything before He created you and I, after then He rested, a lot don’t even know why. God priority is to satisfy you first. He then expected you to appreciate Him for all of His doing. If God want you to suffer, He should have created you before all other creatures. Just think deep and ask yourself this question. As God did anything for you this week? So just stop whatever you are doing now and sing praises to God.

The secret is this sometime, I will not know what to write again, I will just leave everything and begin to sing praises, and in few minutes words will be gushing out, ideas will be flowing. This is what the giant Bishop David Oyedepo said “singpiration is the catalyst for inspiration” so when you lack what next is because you don’t give God thanks. God will send the angel on assignment to deliver your request whenever you pray to Him. See the case of Peter (Acts12:5-11) and Daniel ( Dan9-10). But when you sing praises to Him, you don’t even need to tell him what you need, He will neither relate with your Mind nor body, but your spirit. He knew what you want from now till the rest of your days on earth. See the case of Paul and Silas (Acts16:16-26) in the Prison.

Not praising God is like arming your own soul. He has so many gifts to give but to those that are available to Him via praise. Remember no free thing; the only thing that is free is the one that you paid for. Let everything that has breath praise thy lord. Hallelujah

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

The Secret101
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