The Secret101/Creation & Wisdom (9)

Monday is a Creation & Wisdom day. Welcome to the secret place of God where every mystery is make known to the people that put their heart to Work. Life is not just in What you know, nor the action that you take it, is much more in what you understand. So what you understand is What really makes you. Let’s start like this. The physical world is a product of the unseen world but the unseen world will never

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make sense without the physical world. Product is what makes make sense from vision. If You want to go far you need to study much and learn from everything. Life is very good for those that know it is. You can get to the Top on the platform of study the champion. God is the first champion and the only Champion, other champions on earth are just copying from Him. Let learn from Him.

God saw a deform world and His Vision came out from it. God’s vision, is a world of Opportunity, where darkness is nor permitted only Light is allow. Where Light are day, and the moon makes the night. Where Trees will beautify the surface of the earth, and real value will be make know to the world. The Secret: God don’t just see it, He still went ahead to produce all that He saw in the unseen world. Listen You don’t have a Vision until you produce a product. Every Vision is a Mother, before a mother can be called one She must have her own child or children. Therefore, as Child call mummy, so product call vision. Vision with a product is a barren vision and every barren parent look out to get out the group and change their level. Are you ready? The name of our company is Extreme Solution. Our Vision “is to teach the secret things that belongs to God Pro25:2, which are revealed to us By Holy Ghost (Deut 29:29) to Men, So they can rain on the earth Rev5:10” If you want to produce product from your vision email, or call +234 803 713 1320.

The above is truly our vision, but people just hear that as you do, but no body pays your vision, they only pays for products. The secret is this what God intents is Products but there no courier service that can deliver that to you on earth so re code it in unseen form called vision so what you call vision on earth is products in heaven. As a matter of fact earth is a duplicate of heaven. Let me share with you this timeless secret study just one very of scripture and mediate on it day and night a business idea will drop inside you. This is the scripture “And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed” (Gen2:8). Every thing in life is a product including you. You are God’s product so I am. TheSecret101 and vitamins of the mind are all our products of Extreme Solution. What is Product? Products is just transformation of the unseen future into the seen today. The Big question is have you ever walk into a store and pay for vision? I know you answer is No, but it is truly Yes. How you ask me right? What you pay for is someone’s vision in physical it call product. People support Your Vision, but they Pay for Your Product. Till next week that I talk to you again know this ‘Product is the evidence of a true vision, go and create one if you have a vision.

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

The Secret101
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