The Secret101/Life/Time Management (9)

Tuesday is a Life Management Day. Welcome to the home of secret. I started last week with 3 Time wasters of Time waster. The best money anybody can give you is Time. They are no born giant, it is time that really show the giant in people. Nobody was born great, everybody works their ways to the top. Show me any great man and I will point to you a great time keeper. You can get back everything, but not a wasted Time. Show me a time waster, and I will point to you a destiny destroyer. A well arranged Time is a well arranged life. Nothing guarantee destiny like Time. Time is what equates everyman, wealth is what shows your real mate. Wealth is what show your mate and Time is what that guarantee wealth. So no matter what you are doing or where you are just ask yourself this question. Is this situation wasting or adding to me?

When you keep focus, you are the only person that can stop you. Therefore, Face One Course Until Successful. The Second Time waster is Side Attractions. Every side attractions are distraction, so keep focus. You can be call a teacher , but if you can keep Focus and mind your business day and night. One day your time will come and you shall be call The Teacher. Once you are on the path of success every force on earth will come against you, trying to distract you. So many spending that you have not planned for will show, some many things will be drawing your attention. You need time to focus on your focus. Have a vision, keep it alive no matter what you are going through. Set a goal for yourself and keep working, and give the best of you to it. The secret is this if you don’t work your Vision, your life will not make meaning. Nothing is designed to work everything is designed to be at the rest, it is your work that will make everything work and it requires your time so don’t stop.

Don’t be distracted at all, keep working your work, and your work will pay you soon. Success disguise at the beginning. If you don’t get right at the beginning does not connote it is wrong. Just know what you want and work it. If you say no to life and turn around, it automatically becomes the answer that you are looking for. Life is as good as you put your best in it. Once you say it is wrong it means it almost time for success to come your way. Just one more thing needed it is called FOCUS, keep off and checkout from side attraction they distraction in disguise their intent is to take away your vision and destroy your future.

Time waster and for you to keep focus are very virtual points you need to know and watch out of for if you want to get the best of life and time. Till next week that I talk to you on the last part of the time wasters, please note this if you get it right, you are right and if you don’t you are not. Your time is the currency that you need to trade with if you want to get the best of yourself.

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

The Secret101
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