The Wisdom…Vitamins of The Mind 84-TheSecret101

JesusWisdom Is The Principal Ingredient In The Preparation Of The Meal Of Life

Wisdom Keeps You Awake When You Suppose To Sleep

Wisdom Bridle Your Mouth When You Should Be Quiet

Wisdom Gives The Word In The Season, Right Word And Sent Word When There Is Need To Talk

Wisdom Create The Future You Can See And Believe

Wisdom Create What Is Not In Existence That His Carrier Desire And Deserve.

Wisdom Makes You Stand Out Among Your Equals, It Keeps Your Head Up And Places You On The Platform Of Life

Wisdom Is A Defense, And Life To Those Who Has It

Wisdom Make You Walk In The Shadow Of Death Without The Fear Of Any Evil

Wisdom Is The Secret Power Of The Wise, And The Prize That The Fool Cannot Afford.

Wisdom Is Not A Product Of Schooling But Lifelong Attempt To Acquire It.

Wisdom Cannot Be Found In The Land Of Living, But The Fear OF God Is Wisdom.

Wisdom Listen Always, Pretending As If He Knows Nothing, While Knowledge Speaks All The Time As If He
Knows Everything.

Everything Is Created By Wisdom, And Without Him, There Is Nothing That Was Created, In Wisdom Is Life, And The Life Is Light, And The Light Shine Darkness Cannot Comprehend.

Wisdom Makes Kings Reign And Princes Declare Justice By It.

Wisdom Always Stand At The Top Of High Places, On The Paths Of Life Calling Mankind All The Time.

Jesus Is The Wisdom Accept Him Today And Start Living Your Real Life.

The Secret101
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