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Counsel 101(7)…Go For Wisdom Do not Neglect

MeIn the school of result how you do one thing, is how you will do everything. Attitude is the secret to greatest. As good attitude display wisdom so is bad attitude project foolishness (neglect).

Don’t neglect to listen it will boost your capacity to stand straight and display your confidence. Don’t neglect to meditate it will makes you to discover and locate answer to the things of life

Don’t neglect to find peace it will connect you to the answer of life. Don’t neglect to document everything by means of writing. It will register your name in the school of life.

Don’t neglect and don’t forget life is fast spend as time never stop for anybody. Each time you waste equivalent to some parts of your life that you waste. Don’t neglect to study, it is the only solution to shame. Shame don’t give notice of visitation, but you can live ready to prevent it.

Don’t neglect to observe it will prevent you from repeating the same mistake, and prepare you to live above your equals.Don’t neglect to save all that you can save, it will give you confidence to face all you are going to face and finally build capacity to stop fear. Save time, energy and resources.

Don’t neglect to give thanks, it is the secret to multiplication, addiction and abundance. It will finally launch you into the world of unlimited capacity. Don’t forget to pray, it is the secret to get what you want on time, and to get what you desire and deserve. Don’t neglect to give your life to Jesus He is the source to every good thing of life.

Don’t forget to listen and pay attention to details. It will makes you to catch the moment of truth. Never neglect every little thing because everything matter. What you think that doesn’t matter will comes back to create the matter of your life.

Everything is for a reason as life is for a purpose. Everything breeds every other thing. The different from people that makes the different and the people don’t is that the former embrace wisdom and attach importance to every little things and the latter never care-whatever that wants to happen can happen.

Never neglect given your best to acquire wisdom. Don’t neglect and don’t forget that everything count for or against you. Don’t neglect if you don’t want to regret.

This Is My Counsel For You Today…Because In The Multitude Of Counsel There Is Safety.

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun
follow: @adedokunr

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The Wisdom…Vitamins of The Mind 84-TheSecret101

JesusWisdom Is The Principal Ingredient In The Preparation Of The Meal Of Life

Wisdom Keeps You Awake When You Suppose To Sleep

Wisdom Bridle Your Mouth When You Should Be Quiet

Wisdom Gives The Word In The Season, Right Word And Sent Word When There Is Need To Talk

Wisdom Create The Future You Can See And Believe

Wisdom Create What Is Not In Existence That His Carrier Desire And Deserve.

Wisdom Makes You Stand Out Among Your Equals, It Keeps Your Head Up And Places You On The Platform Of Life

Wisdom Is A Defense, And Life To Those Who Has It

Wisdom Make You Walk In The Shadow Of Death Without The Fear Of Any Evil

Wisdom Is The Secret Power Of The Wise, And The Prize That The Fool Cannot Afford.

Wisdom Is Not A Product Of Schooling But Lifelong Attempt To Acquire It.

Wisdom Cannot Be Found In The Land Of Living, But The Fear OF God Is Wisdom.

Wisdom Listen Always, Pretending As If He Knows Nothing, While Knowledge Speaks All The Time As If He
Knows Everything.

Everything Is Created By Wisdom, And Without Him, There Is Nothing That Was Created, In Wisdom Is Life, And The Life Is Light, And The Light Shine Darkness Cannot Comprehend.

Wisdom Makes Kings Reign And Princes Declare Justice By It.

Wisdom Always Stand At The Top Of High Places, On The Paths Of Life Calling Mankind All The Time.

Jesus Is The Wisdom Accept Him Today And Start Living Your Real Life.

The Secret101
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My Ecclesiastes 2…Vitamins of The Mind 83-TheSecret101

RotimiPicture Your Future And Start Living The Life You Want To See. Your Future Began Today. Your Mistake Or Wrongs That You Are Living With Today Will Fight Your Joy Tomorrow. Let The Fear Of God Guide Your Decision All The Time

See Down The Line And Plan Your Life. Don’t Sleep All The Night Long If You Don’t Want To Beg All Day Long. Don’t Waste Your Resources, Don’t Trade Your Future For Worthless Things. Pleasing People Is Displeasing God And Pleasing God Is Displeasing People, But One Thing Is Sure God Is More Than The Whole World And All That Dwells In It. So It Is Wisdom To Please God.

To Him That Is Join To The Living There Is Hope And To Him That Is Join To The Dead There Is Nothing. Life Is Good For The Living And There Is Still Future For The Living But There Is No More Rewards For The Dead. Only Those That Aim Something Get Something And Those That Aim Nothing Get Nothing.

Whatever Your Hands Find To Do, Do It With All Your Might The Wise Said. But Don’t Just Do Anything Do What God Commanded You To Do, Because He Will Only Make Provision Available For His Vision And At The End Of Everything The Vision Shall Speak To The Entire World.

Your Vision Is To Help Mankind, So Start Now For There Is No Work, Device, Knowledge Or Wisdom In The Grave Where You Are Going. God Created And Loaded You For The Purpose To Change This World. So Empty Yourself On The Earth Before You Go Back To The Six Feet, Under The Ground

It Does Not Need To Be White To Be Right, And Because Is Black Does Not Makes It Bad. Color Is For Identification Of The Container And Packaging. The Contain Is The Main Thing, You Don’t Need To Wait For Perfect Time To Start. Greatness Start And Get Better On the Way To The Promise land.

There is No Solution With Man, Everybody Is Struggle Within. But Those Who Trust In God Are Like Mount Of God That Cannot Be Move But Abides Forever, and they shall do exploit. Those Who Look Up To God Are Illuminated And They Are Not Put To Shame.

Be Calm Wait For The God, Don’t Make The Mistake Of Dictating For Him. What You Think Is Good Might Not Worth What God Has For You. God Is The One That Knows The Thought That He Has For You, And Those Thoughts Are Good Not Evil For The Purpose Of Your Good Future.

Stop Now! Change Your Ways. Make The U Turn And Get Out Of Your Old Ways. You Cannot Bear The Consequences Of Working Against Instructions Of God. Why Will You Use Your Hands To Destroy Your Destiny Because Of Few Dollars That You Forcefully Took From Someone Or The Practice Of Adultery/Fornications That You Get Yourself Into? Your Destiny Is Precious Don’t Trade For Anything.

When Nothing Works, When Everything Stand Still, When The Storm Of Life Can’t Stop Raging. Call On The Owner Of The Universe, To Command It By Saying Peace Be Still.

The Secret101
FB: Adedokun Rotimi
FB Page: http://www.facebook.com/Thesecret101
Twitter: @adedokunr
Email: adedokunr@gmail.com
Web: http://www.thesecret101home.com