Counsel 101 (8)… Excess Sleep Attracts Poverty

Excess SleepingIf You Love Sleep You Must Embrace Poverty

The Goal Of Champion

If the future means anything to you, dedicating all of you to get the best of it. It is wisdom to be watchful for anything that might want to stop or won’t allow you to get to your destination.

If you spend your time sleeping, you will be poor. Keep busy and you will have plenty to eat. (Proverbs 20:13 GNB)

Sleep had gone to the school of Time and Life. She studied and understand that anybody can become what they want to be if only they can start and don’t stop working while their equals are always in bed.

The 3 Secrets Of Life Success

1. Get To Work Before Others Began
2. Work Hard While Others Are Working
3. Continue Working When Others Are Tire

Poverty is not government responsibility to eliminate but your responsibility to defend yourself from her attack.

The Secret
Excess sleep is for people that can’t see the future. People that don’t know what life own for them and people that don’t believe in themselves.

The Wise Advise
Don’t let yourself go to sleep or stop to rest in the journey of Life. Until you have what you desire, take excess sleep away from your eyelids.

How long is the lazy man going to lie in bed? When is he ever going to get up? “I’ll just take a short nap,” he says; “I’ll fold my hands and rest a while.” But while he sleeps, poverty will attack him like an armed robber. (Proverbs 6:9-11 GNB)

Remember the rich has the same time as the poor because God created both. Pro22:2

This Is my advice—Bed is not your friend but your short place of rest. Enough Rest Will Attract Enough Poverty. Stay Awake, Stay Alive, And Stay Productive.

…In The Multitude Of Counselors There Is Safety.

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun


About TheSecretMan

Rotimi Adedokun is a teacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ, inspirational speaker, writer, trainer, business consultant, life and business Coach with the zeal to teach the secret things of God, as revealed by God to him, so men and women could reign in life. His passion is to see people live up to their potentials. His philosophy is anybody can be whatever they want to be, do whatever they want to do, and finally, have whatever they want to have, these he doesn't just teach, but he is living proof. He also believes in breaking old records and setting a new one. He Rotimi with his message THE SECRET has featured in many Television Interviews and Shows, both in Lagos and Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria, West Africa. He daily impacts over thousands on social media. His messages are always making landmark anywhere. He is currently building champions on the Facebook page (Extreme Solution And Rotimi Adedokun And Extreme Solution Group). He is happily married to Ibukun Adedokun, both of them lives in California, United States and they are blessed with children.
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