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The 12 Don’t Of Life. Part 1b…The 10 Secrets Of Vision

MeI started last week on the 12 don’t of life, and the first Don’t is don’t think You Can Go Far In Life Without VISION. I will continue on the first don’t of life this week. If you do not read the part 1a you can access it here In life, every first thing really matters, so be careful and don’t neglect. Jim Rohn said, “Neglect starts out as an infection then becomes a disease.” This is what I added only those that want to die on time will allow an infection to grow to be a disease in their body. Everything needs instant action, act now. The source of all information is the foundation at which others are built, don’t neglect to click the above link and read before you go ahead.

3 forces in life determine your rating and reigning. They are what you know-Knowledge. The information that you apply-Wisdom, and the assurance of your faith before you act-Understanding. Life is deep, and wide only those that are ready to exploit it can comprehend it. Anybody that wants to be known must first know. Knowledge is fundamental in the school of success.

This week let continue on the subject of vision. The new year is not really new it is just a new day that signifies the first day of another 365 days of opportunity giving to you by God to re-fire and instead of retire and is on fire instead of getting tire. Vision is the force that creates the change within and around you. To get the best out of this year, you must be pregnant with your vision. Vision is the only assurance of the future; Vision is the promise of tomorrow, and vision gives peace and guarantees a great destiny.

The 7 Benefits Of Vision

1. Vision brings a clear picture

2. Vision saves energy

3. Vision channels your strength-invest energy wisely

4. Vision promises and delivers peace in the middle of the storm

5. Vision creates and establishes a name

6. Vision singles out and separates from the crowd.

7. Vision create and design your own place in destiny.

The 3 Responsibilities In The School Of Vision
8. Pictures It
Pictures are the force behind replication. You shall have whatsoever you can see.

9. Speaks it
Words are unstoppable forces things into existence. You shall have whatsoever you say.

10. Work it
Work is a force that creates anything that you are ready to work. Vision is not for the lazy. Work works. You shall have whatsoever you work.

Life Secrets 101

Pictures are forces that flash the reality of the future. Works are forces that can create whatsoever you can see; works are forces that have the capability to create whatsoever that you can see. Life is all about the picture it, speak it and work it.

The price for achievement is sweat. The good thing about sweat is that it’s always sweet. Whatsoever you sweat to achieve will be undoubtedly sweet to eat.

Till you hear from me again remember the first don’t of life. Don’t Think You Can Go Far In Life Without VISION.

…Be Inspired, Help Others, And Live Abundance Life

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun

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Start On Time Don’t Be Late…Vitamins of The Mind 114-TheSecret101

Time To StartAge Is The Accumulation Of Time. It Cut Down The Energy On Our Lives Performance. So, Use Your Best Time To Do The Best Thing That Will Produce The Best For Your Life. Start On Time Don’t Be Late

The Best Time To Be Ready For Tomorrow Is Neither Yesterday Nor Today. You Are Getting Late By Yesterday You Are Very Late Today. The Best Time To Be Ready For Tomorrow Is Two Days Ago.

Whatever You Don’t Do On Time Will Jeopardize Your Right To Be The Champion In Life. Train And Prepare On Time, Get To Work Early, Start Your Day On Time. Time Work For Life, If You Want The Best Of Life Work With Time.

Don’t Be Late, Lateness Steals The Joy Of Life, It Reduces Your Chance For Greatness And Places You At The Second Position. Get There Early Get Your Result Faster.

Don’t Be Late Life Is In Hurry To Let Go For Whosoever That Care. One Extra Minutes Can Create The Gap That You Can’t Bridge For The Rest Of Your Life. It’s Better To Be Waiting For Life, Than Life Waiting For You.

Time Is The Secret To Life Success. Take Charge Of Your Life By Containing Your Time. Be There On Time, You Will Get Result So Fast. In The School Of Life A Wasted Time Is A Wasted Life.

The Distant To Your Destination Is A Product Of Your Respect For Time. Time Is Extremely Quiet But Very Audible At The Same Time. Time Speaks

Lateness Is One Of The Strategies Use By The Enemy To Steal What Belongs To You. If You Have Miss Anything Up To Date, You Can Trace It To Your Lack Of Respect For Time.

Don’t Be Behind Schedule Of Life. Be There On Time, Get There Utilize The Time. The Only Time You Have Is The One You Have Now. Remember, The Law Of Use What You Don’t Use You Lose.

You Can Lose Every Thing, Don’t Let it Be Your Time. You Can Lose Money But Don’t Lose Time. You Can Lose Resources But Don’t Lose Time. You Can Lose Your Energy But Don’t Lose Time. Time Is The Greatest Value In The Whole Universe. Start Your Life On Time Don’t Be Late

…Be Inspired, Help Others, And Live Abundance Life

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun

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MeThe Greatest Tragedy In Life Is To Follow An Insecure Leader. Insecurity Is A Product Of Lack Of Adequate Knowledge.

Good Leadership Should Be The Following:

1. Self Deprivation: You Don’t Response Like Your Followers. You Must Bear The Pain Before You Can Take The Gain
2. Self Development: People Don’t Follow The Person That Don’t Know What They Need To Know. Every Leader Must Constantly Learn.
3. Self Discipline: If You Want To Keep Your Position, There Are things You Need To Do Good On consistently.

To Your Success

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun

Counsel 101(7)…Go For Wisdom Do not Neglect

MeIn the school of result how you do one thing, is how you will do everything. Attitude is the secret to greatest. As good attitude display wisdom so is bad attitude project foolishness (neglect).

Don’t neglect to listen it will boost your capacity to stand straight and display your confidence. Don’t neglect to meditate it will makes you to discover and locate answer to the things of life

Don’t neglect to find peace it will connect you to the answer of life. Don’t neglect to document everything by means of writing. It will register your name in the school of life.

Don’t neglect and don’t forget life is fast spend as time never stop for anybody. Each time you waste equivalent to some parts of your life that you waste. Don’t neglect to study, it is the only solution to shame. Shame don’t give notice of visitation, but you can live ready to prevent it.

Don’t neglect to observe it will prevent you from repeating the same mistake, and prepare you to live above your equals.Don’t neglect to save all that you can save, it will give you confidence to face all you are going to face and finally build capacity to stop fear. Save time, energy and resources.

Don’t neglect to give thanks, it is the secret to multiplication, addiction and abundance. It will finally launch you into the world of unlimited capacity. Don’t forget to pray, it is the secret to get what you want on time, and to get what you desire and deserve. Don’t neglect to give your life to Jesus He is the source to every good thing of life.

Don’t forget to listen and pay attention to details. It will makes you to catch the moment of truth. Never neglect every little thing because everything matter. What you think that doesn’t matter will comes back to create the matter of your life.

Everything is for a reason as life is for a purpose. Everything breeds every other thing. The different from people that makes the different and the people don’t is that the former embrace wisdom and attach importance to every little things and the latter never care-whatever that wants to happen can happen.

Never neglect given your best to acquire wisdom. Don’t neglect and don’t forget that everything count for or against you. Don’t neglect if you don’t want to regret.

This Is My Counsel For You Today…Because In The Multitude Of Counsel There Is Safety.

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun
follow: @adedokunr

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2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 9,200 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Counsel 101(6)…The 7 Deadly Cost Of Illegal Sex

If You Cannot Afford It Don’t Negotiate It. What You Don’t Plan For That You Want To Do, Might Destroy What You Have Planned For that You Are Yet To Do.

Pro 6:26—For By Means Of A Harlot A Man You Is Reduced To A Crust Of Bread Person Of No Value.

Every Lady is a product man from God. That is why ladies has an hymen that needs to be broken by her own husband before she loses her virginity. If you do break a lady’s hymen and fail to marry her you have given God extra work to compensate the man that will eventually going to marry her, because she is now fairly use. Think about this how many ladies have you rendered fairly used and how you are giving God hard time to fix them.

If you think you are free to do whatever you like, one day you will find yourself freely in a place that you won’t like.

Therefore, below are the 7 deadly cost of illegal sex in the life of any young men.
Pro 6:30-33
1. You Become A Thief
2. You Will Restore In Sevenfold
3. You Lack Understanding
4. You Destroy Your Own Soul
5. You End up With Wounds
6. You Lose Your Honor
7. Your Reproach Will Not Be Wipeout

Answer The Question Below:
Pro 6:27-28 Can a man take fire to his bosom and his cloth not be burned, can one walk on hot coals and his feet not be seared?

Sex is signing an agreement with an opposite sex that you will bear the consequences of your action. Be careful and think deeply.

My Advice: Never fall under the control of what you can control. Ask Samson.

This is the secret that I found after my mistakes: There are Delilah (the destroyer of Samson) And Potiphar’s wife (the lady that sent Joseph To prison) out there, don’t lose your power or sell your destiny to any of those ladies. Your vision is not just for you but for the entire universe.

This Is My Counsel For You Today…Because In The Multitude Of Counselors There Is Safety.

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

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Twitter: @adedokunr


MeVision Is The Secret Of Champions
The success of everything is hidden in the first picture that flashes in the mind of its carrier. The thought, idea, imagination, possibility that came so strong at the beginning, the new world that others don’t see and cannot see, the unstoppable force and energy with passion on the inside are the hidden secrets that make the total differences in the lives of those that are great and those that are not. It is no more a news that things we see in the physical are control by the things we cannot see. Life itself is run by the unseen. Everything we see today began from the picture and believe of someone that dare to believe and become.

As the picture of Windows is real in the sight of Bill Gates, so is the picture of Apple in the sight of Steve Jobs. Those that makes names and create new things around us today are vision driven. They see what doesn’t exist in sight of others but too real in their own sight. They can see the house in the forest. They can see the possibility of going into the moon. They can see the possibility of going against the law of gravity and invent the law of aerodynamic. I believe the first thing to pursue in life should be vision.

What Is Vision?
The ability to live, see and be ahead of others. It is seeing what is not existence in this world but very real in the unseen world. Vision is the capacity to see beyond your noise and the tapping force that covert nothing to something.

You Are A Vision
As you were conceive in the womb for nine months, and once a baby in the hands of your mother so is vision. She never see a baby but who you are presently. You are so real in her sight, she natured and cherished you with all her might and never let go, so is vision in the life of it carrier.

What To Do In January 2014
1. Start 2014 with vision, not with relationship.
2. Start 2014 with vision, not with money
3. Start 2014 with vision, not with acquisition of properties.

7 Life Nuggets Of Vision
1. Vision Protects From Nakedness
2. Vision Gives Direction And Build Energy
3. Vision Attracts Good People (Inner Circle)
4. Vision Builds Network (People That Will Pay For Your Products)
5. Vision Transform And Inform
6. Vision Gives Peace
7. Vision Guarantee Rest

Benefits Of Vision
1. Vision Breeds Peace
Assurance of What you are doing, where you are going and the end result.
2. Vision Saves Energy
You know what to do, when to do it, how to do it, with whom to do it, and for whom to do it.
3. Vision Create Lifestyle
You don’t live your life like others, you design pattern for living because you don’t want to be batter in life.
4. Vision Attract Followers
Inside every vision there is vision, because vision is a force that breeds and attracts other vision.
5. Vision Establish Your Name
Every product has a name and every products are breed by vision.

The Advice
This is the month of vision. Never begin what you are yet to see (Vision), and never commence what you are yet to finish.

The Secret
Without vision people perish, but he that locate and work his vision happy is he.

Call To Action
Never Start Any Project This Year Without Asking From God.

Your Responsibility
Call On God To Unfold The Vision Concerning Every Of Your Endeavors.

The Reality
What You Don’t See Before You Start, Will Disappear Without Giving You Notice. Vision Establish Life. Seek Vision, Follow Life And Adhere To God.

Remember the first don’t of year is Don’t Think You Can Go Far In Life Without VISION.

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.

The Secret101
FB: Adedokun Rotimi
Twitter: @adedokunr

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The 5 Secrets For Life Revisitation

MeWhen I was introduced to living my life against just existing, I grew with this popular saying that it is insanity to be doing the same thing over and over and expect different result. So permit me to rephrase the statement, nothing will change if you don’t change and nothing will happen if you don’t happen.

God created complete man to complete this world, so the man can be fully completed. That’s why artist have to paint the pictures not God. Authors of books have to write those inspired and motivational words in the book and not God. So the great job anybody can have is to be responsible for life. Be responsible to change your life and don’t live life like you use to. Be responsible to make more sense while you talk and not just talk like every other person. Responsibility is the force in the school of life, so appreciate and embrace it.

As taught by the giant, Jim Rohn what is easy to do is also easy not to. Whatever that can create the change and make us to start living our better life is easy to do. It’s easy to read the books and create the real life you want to life. It’s easy to develop that winning attitude and start treating people with fairness and respect, but unfortunately what is easy to do is also easy not to do. To some people to read article at is not easy to do, to respect and treat others with love and care is not easy to do. This is the secret if the cost is too high for you, the value will be too heavy for you to take home. Life will never reward those that cannot follow the rule.

In one of my articles title “The 20 Secrets for the Year 2013”. I listed and explained how LOVE, THINKING, SITTING DOWN, MEETING GOOD PEOPLE AND FOCUS can create the success for anyone in 2013, due to the law of universal what is easy to do is also easy not to do, only few profit for the above Truth. For the sake of the New Year, which is new beginning I have come up with the 5 secrets to live a successful 2014.

1. Enquire From Life.

Sit to commune with life. What you don’t know is much important than what you know. We live in the world of differences, because there are two types of people. The wise and the fool. The wise communicate with life and make things happen, but the fool refuse to ask and wonder what is happening. Never be caught using common sense that produce common people, common result and trigger common destiny. It will be too expensive for you to live your life without direction this year.

2. Learn All You Can.
What you don’t know will hurt you, and what you can’t produce will eventually become your god and enslave you roundabout. That is why people give their resources to get anything latest, because they don’t know what they need to know, so they will pay for what other knows. Therefore, develop capacity to retain your virtue, maintain your value and remain your valor. The acquisition and application of knowledge will make giant out of any dwarf. For Your note: 2014 IS THE YEAR OF LEARNING.

3. Don’t Waste The Time.
Act fast on the knowledge acquire and run tirelessly with your vision. There is time for everything. Thinking otherwise is naive. Do not waste time and do not waste life. Procrastination is the virus that is installed into the system of a failure, it reduces and finally stop the zeal for their action. Never be caught doing nothing this year engage your heart and life for exploit.

4. Ready For Life.

Be ready to make mistake, expect to be corrected and be bold to start again. You can’t afford to prepare when life shows up at your door. You can’t tell Mr. Opportunity to wait at your door while you call a friend to verify what he offers. Believe me everything is risky, but nothing is more risky than not taking risk. Robert Kiyosaki said FEAR means “Fail Early And Responsible”. You have to switch from getting ready to living ready. Only the expectant will excel.

5. Mind Your Business.

Never be caught in the presence of what enrich others that will not provide for you. The world is created on the platform of equality but the 5% that controls the 95% are wise to engage the 95% to live, eat, think and imagine at their dictates. Don’t be caught among the 95%, change your territory switch your personality to the 5%.

5% don’t watch news with their valuable time, but they create the news by their works.
5% don’t live their life at the mercy of others– their lives is not governed by latest phones, cars, wares…etc. Because they believe that a man’s life is not value in the abundance of what people can see, rather what people cannot see. The 5% are living to determine the existence of the 95%– corporate silvery. 5% makes the 95% work for the money, but device a means to collect it.

Life Revisitation is life renewal and life renewal is life success. Remember, you can’t fake it, those who fake will never make it. It is still a new year which means new beginning, so why not start your new life now?

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.

The Secret101
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The 2014 Secrets

MeWelcome On Board The Flight 2014. Below Are The 3 C’s For The Year:

1. Connection
2. Commandment
3. Commitment


What Is Connection?

It’s Simply The Force That Link You With Invisible God. It Is The Zeal That Backs What You Display In The Physical And The Extra Power That Moves You To Action Because Of Your Source.

Areas To Be Connected With God In Year 2014

1. In Your Heart–Hide His Words There
2. In Your Ways— Endeavor And Let The Fear Of God Wrap And Engulf You.
3. In Your Input And Out Output–Activity For Productivity


What Is Commandments?
These Are The Special And Divine Rules From God To Be Observed By Men As Strictly Stated In The Book Of Life.

God’s Commandments For The Year 2014

1. Live Right
2. Give Back–10% To God
3. Influence Others–Soul Winning, Bring Many To God Through Jesus Christ.

What Is Commitment?

It Is The Energy Behind Dedication. It Is Unseen Force That Get Things Done Through You. It Is The Power That Walk Within You And Work Through You For Result. It Is The Deadly Cause To The World Of Productivity And The “To Do” In The School Of Life.

God’s Commitment To You For The Year 2014

1. Abundance Of Divine Blessing And Favor
2. Divine Protection And Health
3. Making You The Star Of Your World– You Become Celebrity

The Secrets For The Year 2014

1. God’s COMMITMENT Is A Function Of His COMMANDMENTS That Is Strictly Follow, Which Is Trigger By Your CONNECTION.

2. If You Are CONNECTED To God’s Ordinances, You Will Hearken To His COMMANDMENTS, And This Will Provoke His COMMITMENT.

3. It Is Of You To CONNECT To God, It Of You To Follow His COMMANDMENTS, It Is Of God To COMMIT To His Promises. Remember You Cannot Help God.

Life Nuggets For The Year 2014

1. Found Your Year With Connecting To God
2. Build On The Foundation Of The Year By Adhering To God’s Commandment
3. Complete Your Year With Trusting God’s Commitment. He Is Too Faithful To Fail.

The Big Question

Everybody Must Arrive, Either You Are Making Change To Your Life Or You Are Stagnate Repeating What Brought You This Far. Where Will You Be On This Same Day In The Year 2015?

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.

The Secret101
FB: Adedokun Rotimi
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