The Secret Of Rest

Business man on the beachThink Rest Don’t Work All The Time. Think Work Don’t lazy Around. There Is Time For Everything.

The Definitions

Rest Is The Secret Power That Makes The Inner Man To Regain It’s Energy.

Rest Is Trusting In God On What You Have Done Right And Believing Him For What He Is Going To Do Through You.

Rest Is Relaxing For A Short Period In Other To Get Ready For The Next Task.

Rest Is Signing Out Of The Seen World And Login Into The Realm Of The Unseen That Controls The Seen.

The 7 Life Nuggets Of Rest

To Be Restful, Is To Peaceful
To Be Restful, Is To Trustful
To Be Restful, Is To Be Full Of Confidence
To Be Restful, Is To Have Assurance
To Be Restful, Is To Be Expectant
To Be Restful, Is To Be Out Of Resentful
To Be Restful, Is To Have Faith In God

The 5 Secrets Of Rest

1. Rest Always Follow Work. Therefore, Only The Hard-workers Are Entitle To Rest. Resting Before And During Work Is Laziness In Display, And It Prohibited In The School Of Progress And Success.

2. Don’t Rest Too Long If You Don’t Want To Lose Your Place. Remember Nature Avoid Vacuum. If You Are Not Resting You Are Actually Working And Vice Versa.

3. Rest Is Only Good When You Have Done All The Necessary For The Day, Week, Month And Year. Don’t Rest Without Evidence Of Your Work.

4. Don’t Rest And Think Work, Or Work And Think Rest. Work When You Need To Work, And Rest When You Need To Rest.

5. Rest Is Only Good At An Appropriate Time. Don’t Rest When You Are Suppose To Work. Remember For Everything There Is Time.

The Secret
The Capacity Of Your Work And Trust In God Will Determine The Level Of Your Rest In Life.

The Ratio Of Life: Six Days Of Work And One Day Of Rest. You Can’t Change It, Because It Is Fixed Before You Were Born, It Shall Continue When You Are No More.

Ask God
If You Think Rest Is Not Good Ask God… He Rested On The 7th Day.
If You Think Work Is Not Good Ask God… He Worked For 6 Days

God Is The One That Gives Rest To Them That Trust Him. Ps 127:3

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.

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