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Breakout Of Your Silent

SilentThe Ultimate Accomplishment Of Your Opposition Is To Destroy You.

He Device A Means To Execute His Mission By First Silent You, Secondly Kill Your Self-Believe And Finally Accomplish His Mission By Destroy Your Purpose For Living. Once Your Purpose Is Destroy Your Life Is Ruin. Beware, Ignorance Is Not Valid In Law Court Of Life.

What Is Silent?

It Is A Missile Launch At Your Destiny In The Realm Of The Spirit To Keep Your Life Out Of Order, Activities And Productivities.

It’s A Means Of Getting You Out Of Purpose, Dreams, Visions And Goals To A Place Of Struggle And Frustration.

Agents Of Silent

1. Self-Weakness
2. Procrastination
3. Carelessness
4. Lack Of Planning
5. Lack Of Focus

How To Overcome Silent

1. Self-Reminder Of Reasons For Living
2. Unlimited Positive Imagination For Life
3. Developing Possibility Mindset About Purpose
4. Hold On To Self Believe Without Fear
5. Constant Mind Renewal For Total Confidence

Life Nuggets For Silent

1. Purpose Will Be Jeopardize Without Activity
2. Life Will Be Meaningless Without Productivity
3. Foreigners Will Occur Your Place Without Your Quality
4. You Will Live A Life Without Result Without Your Originality
5. If You Don’t Produce Quantity With Quality, Your Activity Will Lack Productivity And Your Originality Will Not Be Realistic.

Take Action Today

*Start Something New Today
*Begin Something Different Today
*Move And Change Something Today
*Think And Use Your Brain Today
*Imagine Possibility And Make It Happen Today

Life Secrets

Anytime You Feel Like Not To Continue That Is The Right Time To Ignite More Fire For Result.

Nobody Will Give You Space To Display Your Gifts And Talents, It Is Your Responsibility To Fight For A Place In Destiny.

The Universe Help Those Who Help Themselves.

Life Reward Not Those That Work But Those That Have Result To Show For Their Work

Activities Is Not Equal Ability, It Is Productivities That Show Your Capacity

Remember Whatever That Won’t Makes You Do What You Are Capable Of Doing Is Contending With Your Life, Break The Silent Today Fight Back By Taking Action.

2 Corinthians 2:11 (KJV)
Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not IGNORANT of his devices.

Life Is Not Luck But Choice. Those That Desire Freedom Always Break Out Of Their Silent.

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

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