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The Power Of Purpose

MePurpose Is The Light That Keeps Darkness At Distance

Purpose Is The Picture Of The Future That Is Grafted In The Heart Of It Carrier

My Purpose For Living

My Purpose Is To Teach About Life
My Purpose Is To Please God
My Purpose Is To Communicate Life To Mankind
My Purpose Is To Ignite The Fire Of Success In You
My Purpose Is To Show All Men The Pathway To God
My Purpose Is To Show Those That Want To Learn The Secret Things Of God
My Purpose Is To Reflect God On Earth
My Purpose Is To Light Up My World And Stop Darkness
My Purpose Is To Add Taste To This Tasteless And Meaningless World

The Above Is Summary In One Sentence

To Teach The Secret Things Of God To Those That Don’t Know (Those That Want To Know)So They Can Reign On Earth.

The Words Of Purpose

Purpose Says You Are Not Meant For Everybody
Purpose Says You Can’t Accept All Offer
Purpose Says You Are Not Design For All Thing
Purpose Says You Can’t Go Everywhere
Purpose Says You Can’t Be Everything

The Life Nuggets Of Purpose

Purpose Define Your Person
Purpose Direct Life
Purpose Gives Bearing To Life
Purpose Conserve Energy
Purpose Separate From Crowd
Purpose Drives To Where Needed
Purpose Is Reason For Living

God Purpose Is To Set You High Above All Nations Of The Earth.
God Purpose Is To Make You Live A Sickness Free Life
God Purpose Is To Bless You Beyond A State Of Borrowing
God Purpose Is To Give You Abundant Life
God Purpose Is To Bless The Entire World Through You

The Definition
Purpose Is The Invisible Intent Of Life That Provoker Your Energy,Investment And Drive To Action.

The Benefits Of Purpose

Purpose Is The Driver Of Life
Purpose Is The Driver Of Business
Purpose Is The Driver Of Family
Purpose Is The Driver Of Vision

When Purpose Is Not Know Abuse Is Inevitable

The Word On Purpose

TO EVERYTHING there is a season, and a time for every matter or purpose under heaven: (Ecclesiastes 3:1 AMP)

The Secret
Purpose Is The Main Reason For Living.
Say No To Purpose You Become Dead Being That Is Living For Awhile.

Think Through
Your Wrong Investment Is Lack Of Purpose
Your State Of Bankruptcy Is Lack Of Purpose
Your Divorce Is Lack Of Purpose
Your Emptiness (Spirit, Soul And Body) Is Lack Purpose

Think Good Foundation Think Decision

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

The Secret101
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The Power Of Decision

MeDecison1Decision Determine Destiny.

Everything Is A Product Of Decision. Without Decision Nothing Is On Mission And Nothing Is In Motion. Decision Is The Key To Every Desire Of Mankind.

Decision Is the Principal Raw Material In Making Of Destiny. You Can Think, Plan And Imagine Possibility, But Without Decision Nothing Is Possible, Visible That Can Be Accomplish.

The Major Course In The School Of Life, In The Department Of Destiny, Is Decision 101. Until You Excel In It Success Is Not In view.

Decision Is The Fountain Of Life. It Brace Discipline With Determination, And Result To Life.

Decision Is Life Starter And Future Embracer. It Breeds Confidence And Guard Destiny.

The Decision Says You Cannot Avoid Me If You Want To Fulfill Destiny.

Real Life Is Decision And Decision Is Real Life.

Life Nuggets Of Decision
Without Decision Resources Will Not Be Enough
Without Decision Vision Will Be Blunt
Without Decision Life Will Be Incomplete
Without Decision Everything Will Be Stagnate
Without Decision Everything Will Be In Chaos

The Definition
Decision Is The Inner Power That Reminds Of Benefits And Consequences That Comes With Action, And Inaction.

Decision Is The Key To Living Your Life

Areas Of Decision
Decide To Be Quiet
Decide To Mind Your Business
Decide To Keep Focus
Decide To Quite Smoking
Decide To Love Your Wife
Decide To Respect Your Husband
Decide To Be Out Of Debt
Decide To Be Responsible
Decide To Make A Change

Decision Is Not A Gift But A Choice

The Place Of Decision
Your Present Situation Is Based On Your Yesterday Decision
Your Bank Account Balance Is Base On Your Decision
Your Relationship Is Base On Your Decision
Your Family Status Is Base On Your Decision
Your Life Circumstances Is Base On Your Decision

God Decided To Create You In His Own Image
Jesus Christ Decided To Pay The Price For Your Sin
Joseph Decided Not To Sin Against God With Just Five Minutes Sexual Offer
Moses Decided To Stand For God And Not Accept The Sinful Nature Of Egypt
Daniel And The Three Hebrew Boys Decided Not To Defied Themselves

The Word Of Decision

For she said (Decision), If I may Touch but his clothes, I shall be whole. (Mark 5:28 KJV)

The Secret
As Responsibility Is Vital In The School Of Planning And Action So Is Decision In The School Of Result And Life.

Think Through
Your Decision Makes You Can Read This. You Are A Product Of Decision

Think Good Foundation Think Decision

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

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The Power Of Leadership

Baba AdeboyeBishop DOMeOnly A fool Will Not Learn To Lead And Only A Fool Will Not Want to Lead

Leadership Is Simply Evidence Of Life Progress. That Is, Living A Life Of Pattern That Will Make Others Not To Be Batter.

When Your Result Is Unquestionable Your Influence Will Be Undeniable.

People Don’t Say Yes To Their Leader, They Only Say Yes To What They Carry. Leadership Is Leading Yourself First

Leadership Is Leading Yourself.

Leading Yourself To Be Great
Leading Yourself To Help Other
Leading Yourself To Be Debt Free
Leading Yourself To Be Sickness Free
Leading Yourself To Be Independent

Leadership Is From The Word Lead

L –Leading With
E—Enthusiasm And
A—Action With

Every Good Leader Is A Follower. Who You Follow Will Determine Who And What Follows You

Leadership Is Originality
Leadership Stop Emptiness
Leadership Is Solution To Problem
Leadership Is Answer To Life
Leadership Is Everything As Everything Is Leadership

Every Leader Is A Reflection Of Another Leader.

A Good Follower Is A Good Leader. Who Follows You Is You And You Are Who You Follow.

God Originate Leadership
Jesus Demonstrate Good Leadership
You Are The Next?

Where To Take Lead

Take Lead At Your Workplace— Do Your Job Well
Take Lead Among Your Equals— Be The Best
Take Lead In Your Work With God—Do It With Your Heart, Soul And Spirit
Take Lead At Home— Know Your Position And Work It

The Definition
Leadership Is Therefore The Efficient Management Of Resources (What Is Available For You To Work With), Time (Divine Assets) And Human Capacity (People In Your Team).

The Nuggets Of Leadership

Leadership Provoke Change For The New World
Leadership Put You In Charge To Take The Space
Leadership Produce The Next Leader
Leadership Is Responsibility To Take Over
Leadership Is Capacity To Get Work Gone

The Secret
Everything Rise And Fall On Leadership.

The Word On Leadership
Then the Lord God took the man (Leader) and put him in the Garden of Eden (Field Of Domain) to tend and keep it (Responsibility). Gen2:15 NKJV

If You Don’t Stand To Lead, You Can Never Sit To Be Serve.

Think Responsibility, Think Leadership, And Think You

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

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The Power Of New Beginning

MeThere Is Nothing Wrong If You Fail, But Remember People Only Celebrate Success. If You Have A Vital Reason For Your Failure, I Have Undeniable Reason For You To Begin Again. Therefore Imagine A New World Of Possibility For Your Life.

There Is Nothing Wrong If You Stop But Everything Is Wrong If You Don’t Want To Start Again.

Life Is Either Failure By Person Or Event. You Failure By Event When Circumstances Throw Challenges At You, But You Failure By Person When You Don’t See Reason To Fight Back And Try Again For You New Beginning.

Whatever Happen, Happens To Everyone. The Same Rain Falls On The Rich And Poor, The Tall And Short, Black And White. The Same Sun Shine On Everyone. So It Is Not About What Happen But What You Do. You Can Change Whatever You Don’t Like By A New Beginning.

Don’t Let Be Heard That It Is You That Refuse To Take Responsibility For A New Beginning.

Your Lack Of Proper or Inadequate Knowledge Is Not Only What Register You In The School Of Failure, But Your Inability To Leverage And Continue When Life Throw Blow At You.

New Beginning Is Not Beginning.

Beginning Is The Startup Of A New Course That You Believe. While New Beginning Is The Force That Refuse Failure, But Embrace Work And Support Zeal Until Success Is Surface.

The Benefits Of New Beginning

New Beginning New Life
New Beginning New Power
New Beginning New Zeal
New Beginning New Focus
New Beginning New Strength
New Beginning New You
New Beginning New Passion
New Beginning New Goal
New Beginning New Joy
New Beginning New Peace

New Beginning Is The Secret To Every Invention. Those That Refuse To Start All Over Never Cross Over.

Start To Love Again
Start To Develop Yourself Again
Start To Save Money Again
Start To Plan Again
Start To Serve Again

God Created A New Beginning By Introducing Jesus Christ.
Jesus Came To This World As A New Beginning For Mankind.
Paul Apostle Yield To Jesus Commandment By Saying Yes To A New Beginning.

The Definition
New Beginning Is The Ability And Drive To Start Something New Irrespective Of The Prevail Circumstances

Where To Have New Beginning

You Can Give Your Life To Jesus Christ And Start All Over– Your Past Doesn’t Count But Your Sincerity Of Heart.
You Can Love Or Respect Your Spouse Again–Divorce Is Not A Solution. Everybody Needs Love
You Can Start The Business Again– What You Have Lost Will Only Be Back If You Try Again.
You Can Start Running The Vision Again– Fail Forward And Not Backward. Your Vision Is Real, If Only You Can Consider A New Beginning.

Think Through

If God Give-up On You Where Will You Be?

The Secret
Lack Of New Beginning Is Inaction, And Inaction Is The Platform For Disappointment.

The Word Of New Beginning

I saw Heaven and earth NEW-CREATED ( New Beginning). Gone the first Heaven (Your Past), gone the first earth (Your Past), Gone the sea (Your Past). (Revelation 21:1 MSG)

Call For Action

Think Of One Thing That You Believe, But No More In Your Heart Because Of Past Failure. Revisit It Today By Engaging The Power Of New Beginning.

Nothing Works, Until Someone Take Responsibility.

Think Life Realization Think New Beginning.

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

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The Power Of Sanctification

MeThe Secret Key To A Successful Living On The Earth Are: Total Consecration To God, Absolute Right Living For God And Unwavering Faith In God.

…The prayer of a person living right (Sanctify) with God is something powerful to be reckoned with. (James 5:16MSG)

Life Without Jesus Is Frustration Unlimited. Sanctification, Therefore Is The Inner Power That Makes You To Stand Out For Jesus In All That You Do.

Sanctification Is Living The Authentic Life, In Order To Be The Original In Your World.

Sanctification Is The Standard You Have To Live For God, So You Can Live Above World Standard.

Sanctification Is No Magic But The Standard Of Living To God’s Command So You Can Emerge A Commander.

Sanctification Is The Unbreakable Standard Of Living, Set By God That Cannot Be Alter By Men.

Sanctification Is Taking Responsibility For God So You Won’t Die Liability For Men.

Benefits Of Sanctification

Sanctification Illuminate Life
Sanctification Guarantee Rest For Life
Sanctification Fast-track Life
Sanctification Attract Goodness To Life
Sanctification Empowers Life For Result

Understand Sanctification

Sanctification Is Living For God While You Deal With Men
Sanctification Is Handling Situation Like Jesus
Sanctification Is Reflecting Jesus In All Things
Sanctification Is Self-Consecration On To God
Sanctification Is To Base Your Judgment On God’s Standard

Life Nuggets Of Sanctification

Without Sanctification Real Life Is Not In View
Without Sanctification Living Life Is Struggle
Without Sanctification Success Is Unaffordable
Without Sanctification There Is Disconnection,i.e. Lack Of Virtue, Which Is Lack Of Value
Without Sanctification There Is Lack Of Faith In God. Which Equal Power Leakage.

Joseph Sanctifies Himself (Gen.39:9)
Daniel Sanctifies Himself (Dan1:8)
Samuel Sanctifies Himself.(1Sam12:3)
Paul Sanctifies Himself
Jesus Lived A Sanctified Life.

The Definition

Sanctification Is Living In God, Living With God And Living For God.

The Word Of Sanctification

But the solid foundation that God has laid cannot be shaken; and on it are written these words: “The Lord knows those who are his” and “All who say that they belong to the Lord must turn away from wrongdoing.” (2 Timothy 2:19 GNB)

Think Through
Sanctification Is Getting Ready For God Everyday As If You Getting Ready For Your Boss Everyday.

As There Is Standard Of Living In Every Countries Of The World And In Every Person, So There Is Standard Of Living If You Want To Be Like Jesus And Live For God.

The Secret
When Last Do You Consider God Before You Take Action? Remember Thinking God Is Living Right.

Think God Think Sanctification

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

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The Power Of Planning


PlanningPlanning Is The Mother Of All Round Success. If You Can’t Plan, Don’t Think Success.

Whatever You Don’t Plan For Has Automatically Plan For You. Therefore, If You Want To Be A Champion,Plan Daily And Often.

Planning Is The Force That Attract The Future To You And Recommend You For Success.

Planning Is The Readiness Of Heart That Create Focus On A Purpose.

The Life Nuggets Of Planning

If You Don’t Plan To Be Rich You Have Plan To Be Poor
If You Don’t Plan to Be successful You Have Plan To Be A Failure
If You Don’t Plan To Be Spiritual You Have Plan To Be Carnal
If You Don’t Plan To Get Marry You Have Plan To Remain Single
If You Don’t Plan To Be You, You Have Plan To Be Some Else

Life Is Designed For Negative And Positive. If You Don’t Embrace Planning You Will Constantly Be On The Negative Size.

The Definition

Planning Is The Unstoppable Force That Get Things done Before You Start.

The Benefits Of Planning

Planning Initiate Readiness Of Heart
Planning Establish Purpose For Living
Planning Build Confidence For Action
Planning Breeds Assurance For Result
Planning Settles Mission And Clarifies Vision.

Understand Planning

Planning Registers You In The School Of Success
Planning Create Space For You Among The Champions
Planning Is 50% Result Guarantee
Planning Is The Foundation For Life
Planning Is Winning Invisible Battle

Fear In The Heart Is A Result Of Lack Of Planning. Planning Is The Mother Of Boldness. Planning Says Always Ready, Winning And Leading.

Plan For The Following :

Plan To Know God More
Plan To Develop Yourself
Plan To Know What To Do And Not To Do
Plan To Handle Life Rightly
Plan To Love In All Situation
Plan To Attack In Time Of War
Plan To Be Calm In Time Of Peace
Plan To Be The Solution To Problems
Plan To Be The Answer To Questions
Plan To Be In Charge Of Situation And Circumstances Of Life

Think Through
God Has A Good Plan To Give You Expected End Jer. 29:11
Devil Has A Plan To Steal, Kill And Destroy You. John 10:10.
What Plan Do You Have For Yourself?

The Mystery Of Life

If You Don’t Want To Fall Into The Plan Of Devil. You Must Plan To Fall Into God’s Plan.

The Word

We should make plans—counting on God to direct us. (Proverbs 16:9 Living Bible)

Special Plans For Your Life

Plan To Love And Serve God
Plan To Be Financially Free
Plan To Love Your Wife
Plan To Respect Your Husband
Plan To Train Your Children
Plan To Make Your Home The Best
Plan To Be A Blessing To Your World

The 7 Steps To Plan

Know Your Purpose.
Commit Your Purpose To God
Engage The Helper Ministry
Stand A Watch Of Expectation
Take Good Notes
Invest Time To Review Your Notes
Sit To Think Through

The Secret
Sit To Plan If You Don’t Want To Stand To Serve.

Think Result Think Planning

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

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The Power Of Singleness

MeSingleness Is The Key Factor In The School Of Life, Let Talk About It.

Singleness Precede Marriage. Therefore, It Must Be Taught.

Marriage Is Good But Singleness Is Great. The Single Period Of Life Is The Time To Utilize Your Power Within And Around

Marriage Is Multiplication Singleness Is Addition.

Singleness Is Simple A Time In Life To Live Ready And Get Ready To Face The Future.

Singleness Is A Period In Life, To Build Capacity Spirit, Soul And Body For The Task Ahead.

Life Nuggets For Singleness

1. God Doesn’t Create Married Man
2. Singleness Is God’s Ultimate Purpose For Mankind
3. Singleness Is The Foundation Of Life Success
4. Real Life Is Built On Singleness
5. Singleness Gives Speed Of Accomplishment

The Definition
Singleness Is The Force That Generate Wholeness, Prepares For Success And Makes Champion Out Of Anyone.

The 5 Benefits Of Singleness

Good Singleness Breeds Wholeness
Good Singleness Breeds Capacity
Good Singleness Breeds Serenity
Good Singleness Breeds Accomplishment
Good Singleness Breeds Influence

Why Must You Embrace Singleness

It Engender Life And Personal Success
It Contribute To Marital And Family Wellness
It Strengthen Your Spiritual Involvement
It Influences Your Personal Choices
It Builds You A Legacy And Footprint To Your Generation

The Secrets Of Singleness

Singleness Is A Foundation For A Successful Living—Utilize It
Singleness Is Short Period Of Life— Make Good Use Of It
Singleness Is The Time For Your Originality— Leverage On It
Singleness Makes Available Your Portion In Life— Maximize It
Never Get Tired Of Your Single Life, (The Period Is Very Short)— Accommodate It.

Think Through

1. Adam Never Disobey God When He Was Single
2. Jesus Fulfill His Mission In 3years And Six Months As A Single Man
3. Apostle Paul Formerly Saul Advice The Christians That It Good To Be Single. He Took The Gospel To The Gentiles As A Single Man
4. A Single Mother Teresa Influences Her World With A Passion To Help The Poor By Living Among Them

The Word
Now, to the unmarried (Single) and to the widows (Single) I say that it would be better for you to continue to live alone as I do (Single). (1 Corinthians 7:8 GNB)

The Secrets:
God Does Not Bless Group He Blesses Individual. God Does Not Empower Groups He Empowers Individual. Bishop David Oyedepo

As Flour Is The Principal Ingredient In The Making Of Cake, So Is Singleness To Greatness.

Think Solid Life Foundation Think Singleness.

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

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The Power Of Continuity

MecontinuityContinuity Is The Backing Force That Mirror Your Life Intent On A Course.

Continuity Is The Invisible Zeal That Generate The Unlimited Drive For Result.

Continuity Is The Consistency That Embrace Persistency With Tenacity, Ability And Capacity For Original Result Of Life.

Continuity Is Simply Saying Yes I Believe, Therefore I Will Not Stop.

The Believe Of Continuity

I Will Make It Work Because It Will Work
I Will Put My Best, In Other To Get My Best
I Am Responsible To Make It Work
It Will Work If I Work It
Nothing Works Except I Work

Life And Continuity

Life Is A Treasure Within While Continuity Is The Discovery
Life Is A Vision While Continuity Is The Mission
Life Is The Purpose While Continuity Is The Accomplishment
Life Is Identification While Continuity Is The Drive For The Reality
Life Gives Direction, Continuity Is The Zeal That Generate The Result.

Think Through The Following:
Imagine God Got Tired On The Fifth Day Of His Creation
Imagine Jesus Christ Got Tired To Pay The Ultimate Price Of Death For You And I
Imagine Abraham Got Tired Of Believing God For Isaac
Imagine Moses Got Tired Of Going To Pharaoh To Free The Israelite
Imagine Elijah Didn’t Sent His Servant Seven Times To Check For Rain

Good Life Is Simply Continuity

The Definition

Continuity Is What You Have Seen Happened In The Spirit Realm, That You Have To Make Happen In The Physical.

Areas Of Continuity

Your Love For God
Your Love For His Word
Your Love For His People
Your Love For Your Spouse
Your Love For Your Family
Your Love For The World
Your Love For Wisdom

Benefits Of Continuity

Continuity Generate Inner Peace
Continuity Produces Life Progress
Continuity Build Self Confidence
Continuity Makes You A Champion
Continuity Breeds The Leader In You

Start Shows Your Interest While Continuity Show You Believe In The Reality.

So let us not become TIRED Of DOING GOOD (Continuity) for if we do not give up, the time will come when we will reap the harvest. (Galatians 6:9 GNB)

The Secret
Whenever You Don’t Feel Like Doing What You Should Do, That Is The Right Time To Do What You Need To Do.

Continuity Is Ultimate Rule Of Solid Success.

Think Result Think Continuity

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

The Secret101
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