The Power Of Productivity

Me Productivity Is The Evidence Of Living And The Real Purpose For Living. It Is A Real Sign Of Life Progress And The Display That You Are Working Your Purpose.

The Secret Of Productivity
It Breeds Happiness And Readiness To Do More.
It Encourages Creativity And Engender Inner Peace
It Enlist Into The School Of Life And Commission Into The Realm Of Greatness.
It Encourages To Go Further And Embrace Correction For Perfection.
It Attracts Expansion And Creates Room For Multiplication.

The Definition
Productivity Is The Force That Duplicate Your Inner Capacity For People To See And Enjoy. It Is Evidence Of Work. Without Results Work Is Not Worked So Without Productivity Life Is Not Life.

The Only Thing That Registers You In The School Of World Champions Is Productivity.

Productivity Says, Without Me You Cannot Be Known But With Me You Will Even After Death.

Self Productivity
You Must Produce More Money By Making, Managing And Multiply Your Income
You Must Produce More Lives By Getting Married To Your Bone
You Must Produce More Books By Writing Your Life Stories
You Must Produce More Companies By Engaging Others To Work For You
You Must Produce More Leaders By Showing Others How To Live Life
You Must Produce More Products By Converting Your Ideas Into Values

Characteristics Of Productivity
Productivity Is Life
Productivity Is Progress
Productivity Is Result
Productivity Is Happiness
Productivity Is Everlasting
Productivity Is Greatness
Productivity Is You

The Secret Of Productivity is Activity.

Activity To Make Your Life Count.
Activity To See Changes Around You
Activity To Contribute To Your Generation
Activity To Make This World A Better Place
Activity To See Your Purpose Fulfilled

You cannot think impossibility and produce reality. Activity must follow your belief before you can see productivity.

The Word Of Productivity
Ecc 5 Verse 3 (NLV) For a dream comes (Productivity) with much work (Activity), and the voice of a fool comes with many words.

The Examples of Productivity
God Produced Everything That You Enjoy Today.
Jesus Christ Produced Greatness From Mean Men And Gained The two thirds Of The World.
Paul Apostle Took The Gospel To The Gentiles And Produced Two Thirds Of The Needs Testament.
What Are You Going To produce?

The Secret
As Water Is Necessary For Living So Is Productivity For Growth.

Think Through
The Reason For Your Frustration Is Your Inability To Bring Out What Is
Inside of You That Is Not Meant For You.

Think Significance Think Productivity

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

The Secret101
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Twitter: @adedokunr


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