The Three Keys To Life Success

*Purpose *Capacity *Influence

We live in a world of abundance, where everything is available. There are abundances of wealth, people and other resources; whatever you can imagine. Abundance of people to build your team, pay for your products and showcase your intentions, and an abundance of resources to empower you for greatness and readiness for the opportunities ahead.

Unfortunately, most of the poeple as changed their last name to Ignorance. To the extend that, they cannot see what is available, they cannot sense what is visible and they cannot visualise what is possible. Ignorance is the mother of failure. You are not a failure because you are the bottom of the ladder, but your complacency, inability to accept responsibility and carelessness to do the right thing as put you in this present stage of your life.

In my opinion life keys are the forces that give you access to any desirable place comfortably. Your height and muscles are not the solutions in the school of success, but your wealth of experience and readiness to access the bank of life when in need will pave way for you anytime any day. Below are my 3 life Keys that will give you access to anything you desire in life.


You are on a mission that is triggered by purpose. In order to be great, you must know your purpose in life, which will affect your day-to-day decision making. Purpose is what gives one courage to stand life tests. Nothing great is easy or free. In life you will face challenges, but knowing your purpose will help you overcome those challenges. Ask yourself, why am I here? What am I contributing? Will this profit me or next generations? When life throws blows at you, it is important to remember your purpose.


You are not created to do everything, but designed for one thing. The ability to be the best in one thing is the foundation of all around success. You have to locate and work on your skill. Greatness is not kin to laziness. You have to build yourself up for the success ahead. So always live ready because you cannot afford the consequences that come with getting ready. When the call for success comes you will be ready to response because lack of qualification and alertness can cost you life and fortune.


Everything is influence, and influence is everything. People are at the base of all success. Your Network will determine your net worth. What you know and your purpose will be useless without creating networks. Teach people and influence your world, tell your story and expand your zone. Lack is mainly a product of selfishness. The number of people that benefit from you will determine how long you will live after you leave. Think continuity in all and maximize all avenues to influence people positively.

I believe the application of the above three keys will open you to the world of unlimited success and make you experience all round possibility. So, life is what you make it not what people say or what your environment offers. Think life, think keys and think success.

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

FB: Rotimi Adedokun
Twitter: @adedokunr


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