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THE TRUTH (1) — THE CHANGE…04012015


The 12 Secrets Of Change: If You Change Everything Will Change For You

1. The Greatest Mistake In Life Is To Expect Without First Invest. Necessity Is What Birth Invention. If Change Really Matter, Stand Up And Be The Change. Greatness Is In Responsibility Not Expectation Without Investment.

2. Individual Choices, Plus Action And Ability To Stand For Self Belief Is The Image Of Real Change. Change Is Not In Words But In Work. Personal Development Is The Secret That Birth A New World.

3. No One Can Change For You. No One Can Create The World You Want To Live For You. How Much You Want It, Will Determine How Soon You Will Get It. Greatness Is Not Cheap, So Change Is Not Free.

4. You Are The Change: Nobody Can See It Like You It Is Called Your Vision. Nobody Can Be On The Way To Make It Happen For You Like You It Is Called Mission. Nobody Can Make It Happen For You Like You It Is Called Action. Nobody Knows Who Will Help To Make It Happen With You, Like You It Is Called Team And Nobody Can Know How Long It Will Take Before You Make It Happen Like You It Is Called Time.

5. Greatness Begins Within You, Starts From You And All Is All About You. New world Is Created By Great People, That Are Not Comfortable With Their Situation And Condition. When Problem Is Solved New Things Are Invented. Problems Are The Provoker Of Change.

6. People Are Not Remembered For Their Availability, But For Their Productivity. Constant And Continuous Productivity Is The Key To Change. If You Want To See Change Be A Producer And Keep Solving Problems.

7. No Better Time To Pursue Change Than Now. The Best Of Now Is The Best Of You And The Best Of You Is The Secret To The New World That You Can Envision.

8. If You Change Your Action You Will Change Your Results; If You Change Planning For Good You Will Maximize Good Time And Minimize Down Time. If You Change For Good You Will Build Good Character And Set A New Standard For Your Integrity.

9. Change Is The Simple Product That The Whole World Champions Are Trading Now. If You Can Package, Rebrand And Market Change You Are On Your Way To Become The Next World Changer.

10. Time Management Equals Self And Life Management. If You Are Hard On Yourself, You Can Lead And Influence Your World. Also If You Can Win Yourself Nobody Can Win You. That Is The First Law In The School Of Change.

11. Waiting For Change Is Simply Wasting Without Knowing. No Change Without The Change And Every Change Needs A Change. The Over Change Has its Secrets In Individual Contribution. The Law Of Individuality States That Group Impact Is Not Team Impact, and Before There Can Be Team Impact There Must Be Individual Readiness. If You Don’t Do What You Need To Do, You Have Caused Others To Do More Than What They Need To Do. Remember Everything Affects Everything Else.

12. One Of The Secret Of Change Is To Help Others Achieve Their Goals, By Doing So, You Are Not Only Helping People You Are Building Your Own Fortune. Help Us Help Others Promote http://www.thesecret101home.com follow us on twitter @adedokunr and like our page on facebook Rotimi Adedokun And Extreme Solution. Contribution To Lives Is An Investment To The Future. What You Do Now Is A Reflection Of What You Understand. Action Is Not Just Power But The Willingness In The Heart Which Follow Of Thought.

Think Change Think You.

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.

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