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1. If You Wait You Will Waste. Life Is Really Good When You Don’t Wait To Be Set In Motion Rather You Put Yourself In Motion. Good Will Always By Pass Anyone That Stand Still. Run To Be The Person That The World Is Looking For, Run To Win The Prize And Run To Be Listed Among The World Changers Run For Life.

2. Never Think You Can Sell Yourself, If You Don’t Fix Yourself. Life Demands Daily Polish Of Self And Instant Readiness To Get The Best.

3. Some Dreams Will Not Come To Pass, Even As Some Vision Can Die On The Way. To See Anything Happen In Life You Have To Happen For Life. Run The Race Of Life If You Believe In What You Carry.

4. Beware Of The Enemy That Is Around You, Even As You Are Very Careful Of The Enemy That Is Within. The Enemy That Know What You Can Do And Disturbs You From Doing It, The Enemy That Will Turn All Helpers To Enemies. If You Dont Want To End Your Life In Confusion Beware Of Life Enemies. They Are Everywhere.

5. Defend Your Treasure Like A Father And Hate The Enemy Of Progress Like A Mother. If You Give Opponents One Opportunity They Will Cease Your Life From Functioning.

6. Never Celebrate Yesterday’s Success, It’s Already Isolated From Your Accomplishment. Therefore Strive For Today’s Treasure. Each Day Has Daily Treasures In It. If You Think You Have The Best Then You Will Lose The Next. Yesterday’s Success Is Today’s Failure. You Have To Keep Moving If You Want To Keep Sailing.

Think Responsibility Think Winning

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.

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