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THE TRUTH (12) — READINESS…04122015



1. You Can Never Get Ready And Win; You Can Only Live Ready To Win. Those That Prepare For It Will Celebrate And Those That Don’t Shall Be Disgrace.

2. The Challenges Of Life Does Not Give A Quick Notice, So There Is Never A Time For Preparation. So Refuse To Be Capture, Resist An Unprepared Life.

3. Be Ready To Fight The Enemies Of Your Vision. They Are All Out To Get What Belongs To You. You Have To Secure What Belongs To You Before You Can Enjoy What You Owns.

4. Readiness Is To Set To Win Before You Start To Compete. Only Those That Win Before The Compete Will Win After They Compete. Readiness Is One Of The Key To A Successful Living.

Think Readiness Think Winning

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.

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