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THE TRUTH (24) — INTEGRITY…04242015


1. Integrity Is One Of The Treasures That Is Difficult To Come By; Therefore, Don’t Expect It From Cheap People. If You Don’t Live For It, You Cannot Experience It. If You Don’t Posses It, You Cannot Be Rewarded By It.

2. Integrity Is A Force That Displace Your Capacity Of Transparency And The Ability To Show Who You Said You Are. It Has Capability To Reveal And Test The Real Personality.

3. Whatever You Do When No One Is Watching, Will Determine What You Will Get When People Will Be Watching. Integrity Therefore, Is The Foundational Force That Attract Greatness And Peace Without Stress.

4. Capacity Is Very Good But Character Is The Mother. If You Think You Can Go Far With What You Know, Life Will Draw You Back And Reduce You In Rank Because You Have Break The Law Of Integrity.

5. The Secret Of Integrity Is That It Empower To Witness Greatness And Entitles For Unlimited Success. It Empowers To Live A Life Of Peace And A Promising Future Of Glory.

6. When You Do What You Suppose To Do You Are Actually Laying A Good Foundation For The Coming Generation To Live A Good Life. Integrity Therefore Is One Of The Secrets In The School Of Leadership.

7. If You Take A Lead You Are Expected To Do It With Example. Leading Does Not Connote Head Or Authority. It Simple Means A Good Foundation Possibility For The Next Generation.

8. Integrity Is The Foundation Of Good Life. Integrity Dignifies And Place A Good Value On It Carrier. If You Say It And Do It, You Will Leave It And Everybody Will Know It.

Think Integrity Think Originality

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