THE TRUTH (27) — THE FUTURE…04272015



1. Don’t Think You Can Be Great Without Vision. The First Ingredient Of Life Is Vision. If You Can’t See Life, It Will Be Impossible To Achieve It. Vision Is Seeing The FUTURE While Living In Now. It Is Capturing The Future From The Scripture So You Can Feature In The Future.

2. Vision Is The Picture Of You In The Life To Come. It Is The Possibility Of The Future And The Reality That Is Hidden In Today. Everything Is Vision And Vision Is Everything. Vision Will Birth Ideas And Idea Will Transform The World.

3. Don’t Think You Can Be Great Without Information. Vision Without Information Is Like Skeleton Without Flesh. Vision Itself Can Do Nothing, But Vision With Information Is Powerful. When You Can See The Future And You Decide To Gather All Information To Get There, Then You Are On Your Way To Greatness.

4. Nothing In Life Is As Powerful As Information. A Life Without Information Is A Deform Life While A Life With Information Is A Transform Life. Information Connote Knowledge. Knowledge Breeds Peace, Peace Guarantee Confidence And Confidence Gives Access To Destiny.

5. Don’t Think You Can Be Great Without Action. What You Know Is Useless Unless You Apply It. Action Is The Fuel Of Life. Action Is Evidence That You Believe In Yourself And Subscribe To Your Believe. Also Action Means You Are Ready To Pay The Price For What You Want And What You Believe That You Are Ready To Die For.

6. Action Plus Information Is What We Called Power. Knowledge Plus Action Is What We Called Wisdom. There Is No Wisdom Without Action. Remember Applied Knowledge Is Called Wisdom. Action Partner With Life To Stop Death And Bring Light To The World.

7. Don’t Think You Can Be Great If You Don’t Obey The Law Of Timing. Time Is Very Crucial In The Journey To Destiny. Time Is The Key. Time Is Life. You Either Invest It Or You Spend It. You Either Make It Count Or You Lose It. Time Is The Mother Of All Greatness.

Think Future Think Relevance

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.
FB: Adedokun Rotimi
Twitter: @adedokunr
John 8:32: “…you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”


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