The 12 Highways To Good Success.

1. Master Your Purpose And Invest In Yourself. Greatness Is Not Magical, Success Is Not An Error. If You Want To Be Great You Need To Be Consistent. Don’t Think Of Leading Without Consistence.

2. It Will Get To Your Turn If You Don’t Stop. Life Will Call You To Platform If You Don’t Give Up. Greatness Will Reward You If You Subscribe To Endurance.

3. To Be Great You Must Pass A Test. To Have A Voice You Must Have A Story. To Be Among The World Change You Have To Contribute. All These Are A Products Of Continuity And Persistence. If You Give Up You Lose.

4. When The Going Get Tough, Only The Tough Will Get Going. When The Enemies Display Fight And Ready To Devour Only Those With Heart Will Stay. If You Belief In Yourself And Move To Action, Your Own Time Will Surely Come.

5. When The Unplanned Surface Only The Planned Will Remains. So Be Ready And Be Sure Of What You Want. Also, Be Ready To Pay Nothing is Free. Everything Of Value Has A Cost.

6. Nobody Celebrates Failure, But Failure Teaches More Than Success. So Schedule A Conversation With Mr. Failure, Get To Know His Mistakes And Regrets. Doing That Will Strengthen You To Develop Capacity To Avoid Failure.

7. Every Successful Person Has A Story. To Be Successfully Don’t Just Learn And Understand Principles And Law. Take Time Out To Speak To Mr. Success On How To Be Successful. Just Like Failure, Success Is Predictable.

8. Develop A Strong Reason To Succeed. Success Taste Good. Be Ready To Fight For your Place. Losers Don’t Care About Anything So They Lose Most Things. Refuse To Join Them. Dislike Your Present Situation And Be Ready To Go For The Best.

9. Consistency Attracts Goodness And Results. It Promises Success And Continuity. Remove Consistency And Everything Becomes Dead. Nothing Will Give You Ways You Have To Fight And Earn Your Respect. Life Is Demanding You So Greatness Is Not For All.

10. The Top Is Beautiful And Welcoming. So Refuse To Settle For Less. Think Different Because You Are Different. Walk Alone Because You Are Not Going In The Same Direction With The Crowd. Live Different Because You Are A King WIth Crown.

11. Everything Great Becomes Great By Work And Time. You Need Work To Move And Time To Change. Life Is Ready If You Are Willing.

12. Life Is Either Consistent Or Nothing. If You Want To Continue In Faith And Get The Best Of Life You Need To Be Consistent. Life Is Ready If You Are Willing. Just Give Your Best And Nothing Can Take Your Results Away From You.

Think Consistency Think Guarantee.

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.

FB: Adedokun Rotimi
Twitter: @adedokunr
John 8:32: “…you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”


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