THE TRUTH (46) —SUCCESS…050162015


The 12 S’s Of Life Success

1. Life Is Good If You Can SEE. Seeing Is The Number One Factor In The School Of Life. If You Can See You Can Achieve It. It Is Called Vision. Ability To See The Future Before You Begin. Ability To Envision Tomorrow Before You Get There.

2. Life Is Good If You Can STAY. If You Stay Enough, Stay Around And Stay For Good. Everything Will Become Yours. Don’t Just Leave Because Is Not Working. Stay To Make It And You Will See It Work.

3. Life Is Good If You Can STAND. If You Can’t Stand For Something You Will Fall For Everything. If You Believe In Something, I Will Advice You Subscribe To It And Stand For It. Let Your Words Support It, Let Your Life Back It Up And Let Your Entire Being Be Sold Out For It.

4. Life Is Good If You Can SOW. In My View Life Is A Seed. I Will Advice You To Sow Part Of It Don’t Just Eat It All. Don’t Eat Your Future. Don’t Eat The Future Of Your Family And Don’t Eat The Future Of Your Children.

5. Life Is Good If You Can SERVE. Service Is The Key To Greatness And Influence. Only Those That Serve Will Laugh And Only Those That Serve Will Take Charge Of Their World. Serve Today So You Can Escape The Trap Of Slave Tomorrow.

6. Life Is Good If You Can SORT. Sort Through To Know The Good From The Evil. Sort Through To Differentiate Your Need From Want. Sort Through To Know Your Pleasure From Pressure. Sort Through To Know Your Vision From Ambition. Sort Throught To Know Your Job From Work. If You Want To Win You Have To Sort.

7. Life Is Good If You Can SIEVE. If You Don’t Sieve You Might Mix Life Up. Life Need Absolute Concentration And Concrete Consecration. Go For Good And Defend It. Go For Peace And Proserve It. Go For Gold And Pretect It. You Have To Sieve Life If You Don’t Want To Be Confuse And Regret. Sieve Your Life.

8. Life Is Good If You Can STATE. The Question Is State What? State Your Purpose, Vision, Dream, Ambition And Drive. Let Everyone Knows About Your Passion. If You Don’t State What You Want People Will Offer You What You Don’t Want. If You State Your Vision Enough, It Will Fall Among People That Are Ready To Work With You.

9. Life Is Good If You Can SLAY. Be Bold To Slay All The Enemies Of Progress That Is All Out To Steal, Kill And Destroy Your Purpose. Enemies With The Intention To Stop Your Vision, Still Your Ideas And Silent Your Life. Ready To Slay If Not You Might Be Slay.

10. Life Is Good If You Are Bold Enough To SUE. Ready To Take The Court The Thief Of Destiny And The Agent Of Devil That Are All Out To Damage Your Product. If You Don’t Sue, You Will Never Wear Suit. If You Want To Wear Your Suit And Face Life To Get All That Belongs To You. You Need To Be Ready To Sue. Sue As Many As You Can, Sue As Many As Appear And Sue As Many As Needed To Be Sue.

11. Life Is Good If You Can SLEEP. It’s Good To Sleep, But Sleep After Work. Only Go To Bed When You Are Done For The Day. That Is When What Is Needed To Be Done Is Accomplish. Sleep In This Contest Means Rest. Don’t Sleep Too Much If You Don’t Want To Start Allover, Don’t Sleep Too Long If You Don’t Want Weed To Take Over Your Garden.

12. Life Is Good If You Can SWITCH. Switch From Bad To Good. Switch From Lies To Truth. Switch From Laziness To Hardwork, Switch From Lack To Excess, Switch From Needs To Abundance. I Want You To Give Your Best To Switch. It Is Called Change In The School Of LIfe.

Think Success Think S’s

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.

FB: Adedokun Rotimi
Twitter: @adedokunr
John 8:32: “…you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”


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