THE TRUTH (47) —CONTINUITY…050172015


The 12 Secrets Of Process

1. Movement Is The Secret Of Progress And Progress Is A Secret Of Process. If You follow Life Process You Will Not Be Under Stress. You May Never See Success Until You Discover Life Processes.

2. Constant And Frequent Contribution To Life Will Fully Guarantee Great Result. You Have To Keep Moving And Keep Pushing One Day You Will Finally End At The Top .

3. Never Stop Loving Your Spouse. It Is The Best Way To Receive Love And Respect. If You Give All That You Want You Will Have In Excess All That You Want.

4. If You Stop Spend It All, And Start Saving It All. One Day You Will Get Out Of Debt And Find Yourself Financially Free. Continuity Is The Race Of Life.

5. One Thing That Can Stop You Is You. The Enemy Of Your Life Is Yourself. The Blockage Of Your Destiny Is The One Thing That You Set In Place.

6. Nothing Is Responsible For The Future That You Can See Like You. Stretch To The Fullest, Get To The End And Move To The Extreme And Make Sure You Achieve Everything That You Could.

7. The Secret Is This; If You Say You Can, You Can. If You Say You Can’t, You Can’t. Whatever That You Say Is What You Have Ability To Deliver.

Think Continuity Think The End

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.
FB: Adedokun Rotimi
Twitter: @adedokunr
John 8:32: “…you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”


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