Morning Dose 20150617…FIX YOURSELF


One Of Great Things You Can Do In Life Is To Fix Yourself

You are you. Nobody knows you better like you and no one can get things done for you like you. If you can’t get it right for yourself, I guarantee nobody will get it done for you. If readiness and determination is in place challenges can vanish, mistakes can disappear and trouble can fade away like perfect smoke into the air.
Recognize your mistakes and correct it, know your shortcoming and amend it. If you don’t fix your wrongs, it will soon deprive you. Same, if you don’t fix yourself you have disqualifies yourself for the next placement. Change is the rule of the game of life. Change is the secret way to be out of plague. That is, it is your change that will put an end to the plagues of life.

What you don’t confront you can’t conquer. Whatever you don’t restrict have the right to remain. What you don’t fight will continue to challenge you. Therefore, it is wisdom to pay off your debt and fix your economy life. It is wisdom to love your wife and respect your husband and fix your marital life. It is wisdom to start learning how to work with people and fix your capacity for influence. It is wisdom to start investing your saving and start living a life of financial freedom. Everything is possible if you are positive and everything is accessible if you are available.

This morning I don’t want you to think that something is wrong or people are not doing things right. Rather I want you to think of what you can correct about yourself in other to live a fulfilling life. If you get it right with yourself, things around you will change on their own accord. Life is simple if you can fix yourself.

Fix Yourself!!!

…be inspired, live abundant life and help others, because life is good.

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun


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