Morning Dose 20150618…SUPRESTAR


Strive To Become The Superstar

Stars are respectable leaders in their fields. If you don’t know what you want to be, you will surely become what you don’t want to be. It is easy to be lost in the crowd, I bet you it cost nothing to get weary of vision. The reason is simple, a life without determination is worthless as a life of success has a price tag.

Be good in what you are doing. Be the solution to problems, be an answer to questions. Create the pathway for others to tread. Study to show yourself approve, labor to standout, be well prepare to take the stage of life. Remember greatness is not cheap as success is not free.

Everything that you call life today are all products of some stars. Politicians are stars, the manufacturers of your mobile phones are also stars. The producers of your personal computers, and electronics are all stars. Pastors are stars. So superstars are the star that exceed other stars in their field. Strive to be the best, do more than what you can do today so you can get what others can’t tomorrow. You can’t beat effort as all laborers are worthy of their wages.

As you go out today make sure you standout, be outstanding. Have the mentality of the superstar. Declare it, act it, front it and move towards the same direction. Whatever seems impossible to achieve will needs God through Jesus Christ to bring to past. You need Jesus because He is bright and morning star.

Become The Superstar!

…be inspired, live abundant life and help others, because life is good.

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun


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