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2020: Writing Challenge Day 4 | Sit| Rotimi Adedokun

Thrones are designed for kings, and kings are crown on thrones. As no king is ever been enthroned standing, so no man will ever taste greatness without first sit down and stop running up and down. No King is too busy to sit; they even give their verdicts, orders, and commands on their seats. If you cannot sit down and do the real work, you will continuously stand and do the menial work.

What is sit? Sit here connote your intentional ability to bring yourself in a place of communing with life in other to win with life and conquer life challenges. Sitting is winning; sitting is growing; sitting is working; sitting is wrestling and sitting is the ultimate. Those who sit to plan will win before they start and will always give orders to those who don’t. Sitting, therefore, is the readiness to receive from the invisible world and diligently plan, act, and ensure the reality whatever that is received.

Finance requires sitting because you can buy what you don’t need to please people who don’t care with the money that you don’t have. Relationship and marriage require sitting; because it is not “l LOVE YOU” that keeps and sustains a relationship and marriage, it is the fear of God, an intentional heart of no competition, and no quitting. Personal growth requires sitting because only growth shows that you are on the go, and without proper sitting, one might easily confuse activity for productivity.

Think Sitting, Think Results.

The big question is, when last did you sit to plan your life?

…be inspired, live an abundant life, and help others.

Rotimi Adedokun

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