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2020: Writing Challenge Day 7 | ANXIETY | Rotimi Adedokun https://wp.me/p2ylqq-17z


You can’t be anxious about anxious and not remain anxious in life. Anxiety is a person; just as peace is a person, whoever you yield to will determine how you will end. To be worried about life is not bad, but to consistently stay anxious needs to be checked.

The only way anxiety will never win is when you win yourself. Take the fight to anxiety and be prepared to win. Anxiety will always compel her victim to concede defeat before the fight, but as for you, hold your stands and fight until you win. Defeat is a function of external forces that dominate your internal will-power, intending to paralyze you.

The only way out of anxiety is to fight. You fight by confronting anxiety and dictate what will happen. You fight by living ready and not get ready. You will win your fight by refusing to back out but step forward to decide who wins. Those who wait for things to happen will always watch things happening against them and not for them. Anxiety will always take the lead of slackers, therefore, to be anxious.

It is good to run your life, but once you allow life to run, you are on your way to becoming a patient of life. Be bold and ready, stand up top and focus, live ready, and be sure, then anxiety will be far from you.

Thinking anxiety think life deterioration.

The big question is, what are you anxious about?

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2020 One Year Bible Reading Plan Day 8 | Bible Study | Rotimi Adedokun | Matt 18-19

1. Scripture Of The Day
Matt 18:4

2. Prayer Points
Matt 18:22 and 33
22…seventy times seven
33…Should you not have mercy on your fellow slave.

… share Joel Osteen revelation.
Father, by faith, I receive heaven’s help to forgive people.

3. Prophecy
Matt 19:8
Father by the power in the name of Jesus, whatever that is not so from the beginning leaves you right in Jesus’ name.

4. Revelation
ü One lost sheep is the leader of the rest.

Verse 13 He said if it turns out that he finds it truly, I say to you, he rejoices over it more than over the ninety-nine
ü One right person that is found is more than 99 people that are available.

Those who do the following will have a good life:
Don’t murder
Don’t Commit Adultery
Don’t steal
Don’t bear false witness
Honor your parent/ Elders
Love Neighbour

Matt 19:21…Only those who the following will have a perfect life:
Take care of those who don’t have with all that is yours… with that, you transfer all of your wealth to heaven.
Those who transfer their wealth to heaven will have more than enough on the earth.
Come To Jesus… If you can you will be blessed
Follow Him… if you follow you will be a blessing

5. Inspiration
Matt 18:15
ü You cannot bring light on something that is already dead or that is not ready to live.
Four ways to treat people in problem
Invitation of others
Invitation of Leaders
Do without Him.

who are first will be last, and those who are last will be first.
You started the journey does not indicate that you will get there first if you relent.

Matt 19:21
Come to Christ
Follow Christ.
7. Question Of The Day
According to matt chapter 19, whose is the kingdom of heaven?
Matt 19:14

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…be inspired, live an abundant life, and help others.

Rotimi Adedokun

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