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The Secret Of Living Life

secretIf You Have Found It, It Will Show On You
If You Believe In It, It Will Work For You
If You Trust In It With All Of Your Heart, It Will Create Room For You
If You Make It Work, It Will Announce You

Win Your Wife With Love
Win Other Ladies With Respect
Win Your Daughter With Advise
Win Your Mother With Wisdom

If You Do It Enough It Will Create Room For You
If You Listen Enough it Will Create Voice For You
If You Stay Around For Long You Will Create Name For Yourself
If You Believe In It, It Will Change Your Status And Announce You

Win Your Husband With Submission
Win Other Men With Friendship
Win Your Son With Caring
Win Your Father With Attention

Win God With Your Obedience
Win Your Colleagues With Truth
Win Government By Payment Of Tax
Win Your Boss With Loyalty

Win Your Eyes By Seeing Not Just Looking At Things
Win Your Tongue By Not Say All That Comes To Your Mouth
Win Your Leg By Sitting Down To Work.
Win Your Hands By Putting It To Work Always
Win Your Heart By Thinking Through Your Thought

The Secret101
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The Secret 101/LOVE (4)

Love 30Friday is a Day of LOVE. If Wisdom is the principal thing in the school of Life and Success, then love is the principal thing in the school of happiness. If you don’t subscribe to it, you have unconsciously sign up for daily sadness. Do you want happiness and Joy? follow me to the store let go shop a garment of love, and you will be glad that you did.

In the ancient book from word of bro Paul in one of his letters to the country Corinth he said no matter what he has in life or be, or want to become, but without love he is nothing 1Cor13:2. So thinking about it, all of your possession are all secondary in the school of happiness the key and the secret to the world of unlimited possibilities is Love. Even when Jesus Christ was talking to His disciples, he gave then new command, and it is Love. He even concluded His message by…there is no commandment greater than these. Mark 12:30-31.

You are an agent of Love, so play your part in relating the message of love. The Secret101 is all about love, and the only evidence of love is Sharing, so be part of the movement share this message. Do you know the poor do not need money Luke7:22? What they need is Goodnews (inspirational message) so sharing the secret101 with your lists is a way of liberation and showing your love to others. Remember if everything fails, Love can never fail. So Use What Is Free(Love) To Control What Is Not(Sadness)

If you are sharing thesecret101 with friends it a sign that you love them, but if you are not sharing with information of the author, it a clear indication that you don’t love him. So don’t just read the message share with your friends and include all of the information of the author. Till next week that I share with us about love. Remember, the law of Use, whatever you don’t use you lose. Use all of the love God has deposited into you today if you don’t want to lose it.

Have a fantastic weekend.

The Secret101
Adedokun Rotimi