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This Day 07142013… New Month New Diligence

DiligenceThis Day 09142013

The Fourteenth Day Of The Month September 2013

It’s A Day To Make Life Work And Make Destiny Meaningful.
It’s A Day To Give All That You Have For All That Want.

Diligence Is A Force That Turn Impossibility Into Possible.
Diligence Is A Generator Of Life To See The Desire Future
Diligence Make Things Happen By Turning Mental Pictures Into Real Picture.

1. It Contain Life And Fight Waste
2. It Help To Keep Focus And Main Direction In Crowd
3. It Single Out Of Many

1. Sit Down To Plan Your Work
2. Act Quickly On Your Plans
3. Ready To Make Correction After Your Action
4. Exploit More Ways To Get Things Done Without Your Struggle
5. Repeat #1-5 Daily

1. It Renews The Inner Man
2. It Helps You To Be In Charge Of Life
3. It Opens Doors Of Opportunity
4. It Breeds Creativity
5. It Change Status

The Secrets

The Future Suffer Violence And Only The Violent Give What It Demand To Be In Charge.Rotimi Adedokun
Diligence Is The Mother Of Good Fortune. Benjamin Disraeli
Diligence Leads To Competence. Jeffrey Benjamin
The Expectation Of Life Depend Upon Diligence, The Mechanic That Want Would Perfect His Work Must First Sharpen His Tools. Confucius
Diligence Is The Mother Of Good Luck. Benjamin Franklin

…Be Inspired, Help Others, And Live Abundance Life

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun


The Mystery Of Everyday…Vitamins of The Mind 108-TheSecret101

AdayEveryday Breeds Everyday Therefore Choose To Be Better Each Day For That Coming Great Day That You Are Expecting.

Some Die And Some Live Everyday, You Must Choose To Live And Not Die Because Your Decision Matter Everyday

Everyday Some Receive Promotion While Some Accept Stagnation. It All About Your Choice Each Day

Empire Are Built And Emperor Are Raise Each Day. You Make The Decision Of Where You Going To Be Some Day By Your Action Everyday

In The Middle Of Storm Some Cross While Some Don’t, Some Stays While Some Don’t. All This Happens Everyday. But You Need To Define And Choose Where You Want To Be Someday.

Some Eat Excess While Some Starve Each Day. In Everything Just Know That Everything Is A Product Of Everyday.

Life Is A Game Of Everyday. Learn Everyday To Change Your Level Someday. Communicate Your Vision To Get The People That Will Believe In It Some Day.

Everyday Gives Another Opportunity To See Someday. Life Regard Your Decision And Make Power Available For Your Action. Each Day Is All You Got To Create The Change And Live Your Life For The Day.

Everyday Is A Seed. It Grows Faster Than You Can Ever Imagine And Gives The Result That You Deserve. The Death Of A Seed Does Not Connote The Seed Is Not Germinating, But Getting Ready For God’s Contribution That Only Requires Your Human Input.

Live Everyday As The Only What You Got, Because There Might Not Be Another Opportunity To Correct Your Wrong Again, Be Ready Each To Live The Life You Might Discover Someday.

Everyday Is The Same, But You Can Recreate Each-day To What You Desire. You Are In Charge And You Will Remain In Charge Everyday.

The Secret101
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