The Secret101/Self Development (3)

Thursday is a Self Development Day. Last week we talked at length about thinking and I quote Jim Rohn”…work harder on yourself than you do on your job..”But we are unable to put all of our taught neither here nor Facebook, meanwhile lets explore.


You might be asking, what does thinking have to do with the result that I need. My answer to you is this. If you don’t have value for thinking you don’t have value for future. Even God loves thinking (Isaiah1:18), and if you remember the powerful advice from the ancient teacher as you THINK in your heart so you are.


As a matter of fact, all invention are products of thinking. If you want to live forever, thinking forever. Could you imagine a world without Windows, Computer, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Smart phones, Airplane, Internet, Cable TV (DSTV, MYTV, etc) Cars etc? So, thinking is an act of taking from the realm of unseen to the seen. Thinking is asking for solution from the universe. Thinking is shutting down impossibility, and opening up possibility. Thinking simply put creating solution,in other to rule your world.


One of the powerful materials that have made me in my little life is the secret movie by Rhonda Byrne, as a matter of fact I can listen to the CD or watch the DVD 24hours a day without getting tire. What the entire movie is all about is law of attraction. I discovered that human being are the greatest magnetic force in life, and success is who you are by the person that you become. So, the key factor here is YOU. Nothing makes sense until YOU make sense, Nothing happen expect YOU happen. Nothing works expect you work. There is no over night success,if you find one someone must have stay over night to make it happen


It’s a thinkers world!!! Good Morning, hope you have a great rest? Please rebroadcast.

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