The Secret101/Self Development (4)

Thursday is a Self Development Day. Is either you are building up or you are going down, now lets talk about life again. Success is who you are. A man is a product of who he is. That is why Rev Sam Adeyemi titled one of his books Success is who you are. So, you fail because you want to fail you don’t fail because are a failure, but you succeed because you are a success.

You have attracted all that have being happening to you, the empty bank account, a business failure, a broken relationship or marriage etc. You are the You that You need to change You. You will be surprise at the result you will command if you pick up books to read in the area of your lack. Look at the mirror who you see is the person that is responsible for your life.  Ask that man in the mirror what do you need from me? You will be shock at the reply. He will repeat the same back to you. So it is you that need to change you, for you to change your world.

Whoever you are, or whatever that you want to be it all come down to You. Your vote is the only vote that is require for you to be the president of Federal Republic of YOU. The name of your party is SDAC (Self Development Alliance for Change), and your motto is …it is possible if I work it.

Therefore, start building your philosophy, visualize your future, see while others are looking, develop your vision, mission, and value statement. You need to get result but people will not believe what they don’t see you start. I got two questions for you. You can start the good life that you desire today. Do you want to start or postpone? Responsibility is the price for greatness. Are you ready?

Good Morning, hope you have a great rest? Please rebroadcast.

The Secret101



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