The Secret 101/LOVE (5)

Friday is a Day of LOVE. Life is Good, because life is Love. I can see you smile because it another weekend. But do you take your time to know what is happening to others? Right now people are dieing, because they can’t afford hospital bill, some are yet to have their breakfast, you have shelter to yourself, but some people don’t. You have a beautiful home, wife and your children are waiting to receive you at home, but some people don’t. There is no completion in your assignment on earth except you help someone to live just like you if not more than you.

Let me help you with this little secret. Do you know God owns everything? Imagine God did not created the earth and its fullness I wonder where you and I going to be. You can create your own earth by restructuring lives. Don’t know how much you are worth until you put some smile on someone face. Life is good if you make it so. God helped you so you can be of help to others.

The greatest mistake in life is to think comfort. Don’t you know God was comfortable in Heaven? but He was not pleased with the state of earth that was why He Gave His only Son, but remember love preceded giving. This is the secret what makes you not comfortable in helping others is either you don’t love them or you are afriad of what will become of the person you want to help. It is better to be at the giving end than the receiving end…You know what am talking about, I want you to know this and please get it clear, the place of the giver is always at the TOP.

Do have a great weekend, and remember love simply means giving.

The Secret101
…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.
FB: Adedokun Rotimi
Twitter: @adedokunr


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