The Secret 101/ ACCOUNT SETTLEMENT (5)

Account settlement is the check mate software, designed by God for men to report their stewardship. I need to let you know this today, it is the breath of the lord God that makes your mortal body who you are today Gen2:7. What God is demanding from you is just for your own betterment ie. He wants to know how effective His breath works inside you. So give Him an answer. Three weeks ago, I taught that God owns you. Psalm100:4 “Acknowledge that the LORD is God! He made us, and we are his. We are his people, the sheep of his pasture.” The first law in the school of success is the law of recognition. It state that what you don’t know will neither know you nor make you.

So giving your account weekly is essential. It shows your effectiveness and readiness, also who you are and where you will be in few time. In fact nothing grows in life unless you account for it. How you engage in activities, and account for your productivity will determine your extend in life. What did you achieve for the week, the new things you learn, new contacts that you got, what did you do with them. How far did you go and who do you need to relate with in other to achieve for next week, what next do you need to do. Account settlement expands your capacity, it create more with your less. It makes you think deep and enlargement set in. So do you want more in life? Render your account each Saturday. Don’t join the 95% that live life as if there is part two, join the 5% that dictate the happenings. Remember you can’t be crown following crowd.

I want you to engage your inner drive and think deep. Ponder on how much value you’ve added to yourself, work more to place more. See yourself as a manager that need to report to the CEO of the your life. Nobody knows how much you can handle until you let them know what you have once handled. Account Settlement is a must, go ahead give it now.

Happy weekend. Please rebroadcast.

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.
The Secret101
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