The Secret101/Creation & Wisdom (6)

Monday is a Creation & Wisdom day. Welcome to this wonderful week of Solution. Talking about network that generate and create your desire worth. Let me show you this little secret. In the beginning the first thing that God did is to create (Gen 1:1), so start your own creation today. So you must create life, happiness, good home, future, friends, partners, and finances. Like I said last week you can only achieve this with the kind of network that you create, so let talk about network some more.

Banks recruit marketers to bring PEOPLE’s money. Churches do evangelism to bring more PEOPLE to Christ. The politicians needs PEOPLE to vote for them. Organizations recruit PEOPLE to work for them. Business needs PEOPLE to buy their products. Every financial freedom is trading your gifting with people and trusting God to turning it to real success through the measurement of your effort. It was the subject of network that generate this popular saying “your network will determine your networth”. Alot of people that uses this statement don’t really know what it all about. The secret is this, the number of PEOPLE that likes you, buy your product, will determine your financial status.

This will help you, no business needs itself to survive. Why? solution don’t answer solution, solution answers problem and answers for questions. So when a company design a product, they don’t need it them self, but to solves people problem. Therefore, the purpose of any product is to solve people’s problem. Organizations knew that staying in business is a product of meeting PEOPLE’s need. So they make their products to satisfy, and answer some questions from people. So, they budget, Hundreds of millions on advert for awareness. They share the money with the people that has the network of people. Facebook, google, newspaper companies, radio stations, Television station, musicians, footballers, and other dignities that has a great network of People.

So each time you watch AIT, Channels TV, read punch newspaper, check your facebook account and you tweet, watch football matches, or celebrate any of your superstars you actually making money for some of them. The secret is this, media organizations sell PEOPLE (You and I) to companies, and companies sell their product to PEOPLE ( you and I) . So real money is people not paper. Research has show that each person has minimum of 200 contacts on their phone. So imagine you call each of your contacts with 100 Naira daily, that mean you will be spending 20,000 in a day, multiply by 5days, then you will have 100,000 in a week and 400,000 a month. In others words if each of your contacts can give you 100Naira in aday for 5 days, and in one month you make 400,000 naira without stress. That’s why you can’t stop all telecommunication companies making money, because You and I are in their network.

No matter how much you are hardworking you can’t be as rich as your employer. The more harder you work for them the more you make them rich, and the more you are weak. Imagine you labour for your own business the way you are for your employer, I think you have an answers to what would have become of you by now including your finances. Please start looking for ways to create your own network, it is the way out of dieing inside someone network.

Till next week that I will continue on People, know this networking is what you must do everyday anywhere, somewhere and anyhow.

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

The Secret101
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