The Secret101/Life Management (6)

time1Tuesday is a Life Management Day. Welcome to the secret101. Last week I taught on how we can use our time to build our names. I shall continue on how we can create our life through our time. Remember time is life. Everything is a product of time, the more time the more result. We grow by time. We see the difference by time, we generate result by time. We enjoy our labour by time. Now let me unfold what you can do with your time in other to build your life. You must have use your time to watch football to give names to your football clubs, or use your time to watch home video in other to brand some of the actors and actresses names. I think now is the right to start in building your name. Adedokun Rotimi is my name but my stage name is the secret so people that real know me usually call me the secret man. Name is what drive life and bring real success.

The secret of wealthy people is the usage of other people names to build their names. That’s why in any of your identification your names are very important. Also when any law enforcement agent stop you the first thing they will request from you is to identify yourself, because it is by names that they will either harass or respect you. Names gives open doors, names gives opportunities, it create and bring answers to questions of life. Where you work won’t make you a name but it will just continue to build names for others through your effort. Get this right today who you work with or where you work does not matter, It is who you are.

Therefore, Zenith Bank, Bank Of America, Guinness, DSTV, Glo, T-Mobille Coca-Cola and Cox Communication are all names, that are built by some names. I know you are part of them. If you can help someone makes money and earn close to nothing, automatic you can make much more if you actual own the business. One thing that you need is time. Time to meet people, time to build relationship, to network, to help people, time to develop yourself. All these are what you need to build for yourself a good name.

Your names is your life, you need to build it. Your name is your destiny you need to work it. Your names is your business, you must make it work. Do you know where you work presently grows because of the power and level of your investment? If someone’s name can be heard through your labor then your name will be heard via your effort. It is possible if you are ready and positive. I know you usually got exhausted after work, but remember your 8hours everyday will not build your name but continue to build name for someone else. The secret to build your own name is one hour every night to study, to think and write down your plans. Peter F. Drucker, a Management Expert and Author said “Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else.”

Till next week that I will come with another great teaching on life management, remember you are absolutely responsible for the outcome of your life.

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

The Secret101
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