The Secret 101/ ACCOUNT SETTLEMENT (6)

Saturday is an Account Settlement Day. I welcome everyone to this world of no limit, where greatness is for the wise, am also glad to share with everyone once again. Someone said satisfaction is not in money, spouse, relationship, child, business etc real money is in what gives you joy. You can’t form it, rather it must come from your inside. Please get this right until you do the right thing you can’t live right. Living right leads to joy from the inside. So stand-up, and do the necessary.

Work provokes abundance, but responsibility proceed abundance. Out of every labor their is profit, but out of every responsibility their is excess. You cannot have more than what you can account for. Our country is struggling, not because we don’t have what it takes to lead as one of the best countries, but account settlement is not in place. How can some few guys successfully taking over what belongs to like three states? I know you will agree with me that, it is more than greed but it just wickedness.

For some of us that work in big organizations, you could confirm anytime the external auditors are coming for auditing, you will be surprise at the way the so called big boss will be running up and down. Have you ever ask why? The secret is this, if you don’t do the right thing you will be looking for way to cover up in the time of questions. Every Opportunity is an Opportunity. How did you spend or invest your hours, days. Did you set a goal for last week? if yes did you achieve it? The law of Change state that nothing get better without action, and nothing change, until you change.

If you are living life the way you did last year it doesn’t matter who you now, you will end up like last year. Responsibility is the key to Greatness. No matter how close it may look to you by your present state of life. If you are not responsible to either man or God you will end up as a fan. Who are fans? Fans are the foolish group of people that choose to make life good to others and not have a good life to live themselves. Olympic is on going in London, England and some set of people has started saving for this event over two years. I said in one of our write ups that the RICH are poor, it is the POOR that is Rich. Responsibility simply means “response to your ABILITY” your ability is to live life, then give account to God. Responsibility here means render account to the person (God) that sent you on mission.

This is what the greatest teacher said Luke16:11″ If therefore ye have not been faithful in the UNRIGHTEOUS mammon, who will commit to your trust the TRUE riches? ” unrighteous can also be called something little, your present state of life, while True riches can also be called your tomorrow, the future that you desire. Therefore, if you are not accountable to God in this little life of yours, He will not give you the future that you desire. I have done stuff today and am extremely happy inside. I studied two Chapters of Bible today, posted some great words on twitter and facebook, upgrade the secret101 blog profile, created thesecret101 BB group and added over 20people, including what you are reading now, and I was in my house fellowship. These are what I have done, I just rendered my account what have you done today? If you live any how, you will end up anyhow.

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

The Secret101
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