The Secret101/THANKSGIVING (6)

Sunday is THANKSGIVING Day. God does not care about your cars, houses, children, businesses etc. He only cares about how much you can appreciate Him. He made those things available to you in the first place, so your response to His action is what we called gratitude. What makes God to do more, or want to do more is because you can see and appreciate His good deed. Anybody will response to the law of recognition, that says if you know why you should do more, you will do more than expected. The Big Question is why should God do more?

I have seen some top officers of an organizations, that resigned their appointment because the company failed to recognize their effort over the years, or after giving more, and more yet the human resource can’t see that they are doing enough, so they decided to let go and give their effort somewhere that could be recognize, though the pay might not up to what they are expecting, but they find peace and joy around. Think about this, if man can make this kind of serious decision how much more God. If you don’t honor God, He can withdraw His provision and take it to someone that could just say thanks Jesus everyday. He owns everything including your present life and the future. So you will make a very expensive mistake to think you have achieved anything by your Intellectual capacity.

Someone asked how do I manage to be writing everyday, and I simply I asked the person, do you have a pen? and she replied yes, and I asked again do you choose when to write or your pen does? God is the writer am just the pen, Ps 45:1, if I decided not to be a pen again, He will get another pen, and I become useless. I don’t write anything, God is writing everything. So while He till using me, He deserve my praise always. The acknowledgment of God is what makes the greatness out of man. Today makes it day fourty-two, that God has been using us to bless people. Within these days we have generate alot of traffic to our blog Our BB contacts grew from 15 to 120, a lot of people has been blessed by our daily messages. Failure to praise God for His good act will leads to our discontinuity. That is why the great man of our time Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo said “it is foolishness to be Shameful for what is Gainful”. Praising and giving thanks is gainful I will not be shameful to give it.

I woke this morning with this powerful word from God. So thus saith the lord God …”is because you have little that is why you complain that is not enough, if you don’t have anything what will you do? So if you don’t want to lose the remaining give God the remaining of You, that is, praise Him always. Some people are looking up to God to live like you, so look up to God if you want to live like the person that you desire. Please note this as I end, if you don’t know why you should Praise God, He will not know what to Raise you for. So Praising equals Raising.

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

The Secret101
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