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My Ecclesiastes 3…Vitamins of The Mind 111-TheSecret101

MeIf You Can Do What Others Can’t Do, You Will Become What Others Can’t Be. Life Only Pays The Worker, I mean The Diligent Work. Wherever You See Cost There Is Always A Prize Beside It. Cost Attract Price And Price Attract Prize

Don’t Make Things Ready When They Are Needed, Rather Make Them Ready Before They Are Needed. Proper Preparation Prevent Poor Performance. Ready Before You Are Ready. Get Ahead To Go Ahead

If You Can Do It Why Not Do It Now, If You Can Work It Why Not Work It Now, If You Can Change It Why Not Change It Now, If You Can Start It Why Not Begin Now.

What You Don’t Start Now Never Make Sense In The Future. What Makes Sense In The Future Is Not A Product Of What You Do Yesterday, Is A Product Of What You Have Started And Completed Before Yesterday.

Start Now To Change Your Life, Start Now To Create A New Future For Yourself, Career, Family And Start Now To Build That Business Empire.

The Best Time To Start What You Will Need Tomorrow Is Not Now, It Is Two Days Ago. It Is late By Yesterday, You Will Be In Hurry By Today, And You Will Definitely Mess Up By Tomorrow.

Start Now Or Never Think Of Future

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