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Peace Is The Solution To War…Vitamins of The Mind 112-TheSecret101

WarpeaceWar Destroy Things That Can Never Regain It Values Forever. It Shut Doors Of Greatness And Silence The Opportunity That Is Around And Abound, But When Peace Surface War Disappear.

Enmity Is Usually Obvious During War, The Days Of Friendship Disappear In The Air. The Good Is No More Seen The Wrong Is Totally Visible. But When Peace Comes Restoration Will Take The Stage.

During War The Worth Of A Life Becomes A Penny As The Cost Of Weapons Of War Is Worth Paying For Regardless Of The Price Tag. War Blindfold The Perpetrators But The Lovers Of Peace Know The Cost Of War And No Provision Is Make Available For It In Their Budget

Division Is The Only And Quick Option During War. The Importance Of Team Building Is Out Of Concept, As War Become The Only Visible Option. Everybody Sees The Need To Be Without Others, But Peace Leads To Love And The Genesis Of Life Is Brought Into Remembrance.

Peace Display The Picture That We All Need Ourselves In Other To Be What We Want. War Close The Gate Of Relationship And Raise The Banner Of Separation.

War Display Arrogance That Breeds Stupidity But Peace Is Always Wise. Peace Display Wisdom By Taking The Lead From Behind And Embrace Lowliness In Other To Win At The End.

As Water Quench The Thirst And Food Answer The Mr. Hunger So Is Peace During War. Peace Attract More Friendship During And After War, It Also Bear The Burden Of Continual Relationship.

As Action Is Very Cheap During War Because Everybody Want To Display Strength. So Action Is Extremely Expensive During War Because Nobody Want To Initiate What Is Needed To Make Sense For All Round Rest.

As Pride Goes Before The Fall So Is Humility Before Greatness. Humility Breeds Peace As Pride Multiply War. Every Good Thing Is Make Happen By Someone That Is Ready To Pay The Price To The Top. Peace Is Not Free As War Is Not.

Peace Might Be Expensive But It Is The Only Solution During War. War Might Be So Easy To Prove Point And Display Power But It Stir Up Unending Destruction And Take Record Of Everlasting Regret. Peace Is The Solution To War Don’t Think War.

The Secret101
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Counsel 101(4)…in the multitude of counselors there is safety.

RotimiTen Reasons Why You Must Start Doing Things RIGHT

1. What you don’t do RIGHT will stop you even when become Right

2. What you don’t place RIGHT will hinder you on your right path

3. What you don’t say RIGHT will slow you down after you might have said something right

4. What you don’t work RIGHT might stop your pay check, after you might have deliver right work

5. What you don’t see RIGHT might stop or slow down the reality of what you have seen right

6. What you don’t put RIGHT with some people might disqualify you from getting the right evaluation to go up in life

7. What you don’t wear RIGHT might stop you when you walk right

8. What you don’t put RIGHT in your old life might slow you down when you start living your new life right

9. Life is about complete right not half RIGHT. Start now to get things RIGHT, eat right if you want your good meal to hurt your stomach.

10. Living Right Is Winning All Always

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun