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Success 101 (vii)

SuccessThe Only Thing That Kills Before Death Is FEAR. Fear Is False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear Therefore, Is The Force That Paint An Unreal Picture To It Victim In Other To Lose Courage For Continuity.

The Seventh Part Of Success Is Your Action Without Fear. To Be Successful In Anything You Must Possess The Heart Of Lion To Dare The Undareable, Do The Impossible, Launch Into The Unimaginable World Of No Limit, Think The Unthinkable And Be The Unbelievable.

The Secret Of Real Success Is To Be In Charge Of Your Heart. You Can Fear But Don’t Let It Control You.You Can Fear But Don’t Let It Dictate What To Do For You.

The Secrets About Fear

1. Fear Is On A Mission To Oppose You
2. Fear Is On A Mission To Kill Your Passion, Steal Your Vision And Destroy Your Future.

The Life Nuggets Of Fear
1. Whatever You Fear Will Happen To You
2. Whatever You Don’t Fear Cannot Stop You

As Light And Darkness Cannot Be Friends So Knowledge Disarm Fear.

The Secret101
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