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This Day 09182013…New Month New Network

Network1The Eighteen Day Of The Month Of September 2013

It’s A Day To Start Growing Your List Of Potential People That Will Part Of Your Success Story

It’s A Day To Start Building Up People That Believes In Your Dreams

It’s A Day To Start Selecting Positive Mental Attitude Thinkers

Network Is The Force That Breaks The Limitation On Vision And Life

Network Is The Force That Expand Net-worth And Create Room For More.


1. It Broaden Your Scope
2. It Increase Your Result


Discover Your Purpose
Develop A Message
Determine Your Audience
Deliver Your Message
Decide Your Destination


It Increase Net-worth
It Breeds Confidence

The Secret

Your Network Will Determine Your Net-worth.

…Be Inspired, Help Others, And Live Abundance Life

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun


Become To Attract…Vitamins of The Mind 113-TheSecret101

AttractionSuccess Is What You Attract By The Person You Become. While Failure Is Who You Are By Your Refusal To Take Action. You Have To Become An Attraction Of Success To Be Successful

Every Pastor Attract Congregation, As Every Teacher Attract Students. Life Is Simple Than You Think Just Become What You Want To Be And You Will Attract What You Desire. Become To Attract

Nothing Is Difficult To Get To The One That Is Ready To Learn, Know, And Practice, But Everything Is Difficult To Him That Is Not Ready To Know What He Needs To Know, In Other To Become What He Needs In Life.

Greatness Is In Everyone. Result Is Waiting For All But You Need To Become Something Before You Can Attract Anything. Become An Entrepreneur And You Will Attract Customers. Become A Value You Will Attract Success.

You Earn Success By Self Development But Earn Respect By Self Investment. You Are In Need Of Success Because You Don’t Attract It. Become Greatness To Attract Success

The Secret101
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