1. Responsibility Simply Means Your Response To Ability. You Have Capacity To Do And You Stand To Get It Done That Is Responsibility, But You Have Capacity To Do But You Don’t That Is Irresponsibility. The Good-news Is That You Are Responsible But You Need To Let Your World Knows But The Bad-news Is That Nobody Can Be Responsible For You. You Need To Stand Up And Be Responsible For Yourself.

2. Responsibility Is The Miracle That Is Too Much To Be Comprehended By The Lazy, Too Tall A Mountain To Climb By The Sluggish And Unbelievable Act By The Doubters.

3. Responsibility Is The Provoker Of Good Destiny. If You Take Responsibility For Your Life You Will See Greatness In Life. Responsibility Is The Magnet Of Life That Draws All Life Desires Near With Speed.

4. Nothing Make Thing Happen Like Responsibility And Not Make Things To End As Mere Dreams Like Irresponsibility. Stagnation Is The Sign Of Irresponsibility. If You Have A Good Excuse, I Have A Good Secret. If Competitors Are Your Challenge, Become Competitor To Your Competitors.

5. If You Subscribe To Responsibility, It Will Promoted You. If You Don’t Live By The Law, It Will Disgrace You. Responsibility Is The Force Of Attraction And Influence That Launches One Into The World Of Unending Results.

6. As Mirror Reflect The Face So Responsibility Reflect The Heart. Responsibility Takes Sleep Away Until What Is Need To Be Done Is Done For The Day.

7. Responsibility Prioritize Life And Eliminate Time Stealers. Responsibility Is The Friend Of Life. If You Want The Best Of Life Connect To Responsibility.

8. Responsibility Speaks Good Of The Person That Practice It. It Announces The Carrier To The World And Single Out The Person That Refuse To Give To Take Lead.

9. Responsibility Say It Might Not Be Possible But I Will Make It Happen. It Might Not Be In Existence By I Will Be The One To Create It. Responsibility Therefore Is The Secret That Makes A Creature To Be A Creator.

10. As Job Indicate A Crowd So Responsibility Identify Leaders. You Can’t Hide It, If You Have It. Work Promise A Future But Responsibility Promise A Life After Death. It Is Called Posterity.

11. The Law Of Obvious States That You Can’t Hide Behind One Finger And Not Be Seen. So If You Take Charge And Be Responsible For Life, Life Wont Have Option Than To Give You What You Deserve.

12. Remember Day Unto To Day utters Speech, And Night Unto Night Show Forth Knowledge. Therefore, Everything Is Available If You Are Responsible. What You Will Have Will Be Determine By The Level Of Responsibility You Want To Take. Responsibility Is Life To Those Who Live By It.

Think Responsibility Think Leadership.

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.

FB: Adedokun Rotimi
Twitter: @adedokunr
John 8:32: “…you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”


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