2020: Writing Challenge Day 3 | Progress| Rotimi Adedokun


There are three P’s in the school of success, and progress is one of them. Life is about progress, and progress is life; if you remove progress from life, it automatically becomes stagnation. Progress is the link between what it is and what it’s supposed to be. One of the attributes of a living thing is growth. Growth here signifies progress. Where there is no progress, there is an automatic retrogress. No life stays at the same point and not die; all beings are either going further or going backward. That is why the famous saying: forward ever, backward never. Progress is evidence of a good life. Progress is an indication or force that shows growth, indicating positive change and displaces increase.

Progress is not the absence of mistakes but a strong indication of overcoming the shortcomings of your life. Progress shows your fight that you fought and won, discoveries that you uncover, the unseen price that you pay, the secrets that you recover, regret that you refuse to hold you back, pains that you cannot share, and your stories that you don’t know how to tell.

Think result, think progress.

The big question is, are you progressing?

…be inspired, live an abundant life, and help others.

Rotimi Adedokun

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