2020: Writing Challenge Day 11 | PRODUCT | Rotimi Adedokun


Your product is the visible part of your invisible being. Your product leaves with people, thereby compelling something to leaven them to you. Your product is your part is design to follow others’ homes. Product is your answer to questions of the world, and the solution to the problem of the world. Your product is the evidence of your living after death. That is the secret of the saying life goes on. Those who have products cannot die because their duplicate is still speaking after them.

If you convert your words into a book, it will become your product. If you turn your ordinary chat into consultation, it will become be your product. If you convert your time of traveling to a YouTube channel, it will become a product. Product is anything that you inject your life, energy, and resources into with the intention of blessing humanity. If you can teach people what you passionate about is going to be your product. Product is the conversion of what you love to do that will meet people’s needs.

Everything that you can call live today are all products of someone. The books you read, the car you drive, the house you are living, the University that you attend. The Cloth that you wear even the food that you eat. Therefore, if you want to matter in this world, you have to mind the product and develop it.

Apple is a product, Microsoft is a product, Facebook is a product, twitter is a product, Instagram, snap chat the rest of social media platforms are all products. The more you use other people’s products, the more you enrich them.

Your mission in this world is not just to come, but to also see, conquer, and leave a legacy. You begin by birth, you see by experiences, you conquer by achievement, but you can leave a legacy by your product.

Think living think products.

The big question is, do you have a product?

…be inspired, live an abundant life, and help others.

Rotimi Adedokun

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