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Morning Dose 20150601…SET STANDARD


With strong hunch in my spirit I am here to tell you to SET STANDARD.

As we are rounding up into the half of the year, I want you to look inward and remind yourself of whom you are. Remember your calling, purpose, vision, drive, dreams. Never allow the recommendations of men to supersede the intention of God which might finally determine your actions.

Though, it is wisdom to listen to people but much more wisdom to know that you will bear the consequences of all of your actions alone. Search inward and come with your own strong reason for your action.

This is my own advise; let the commandments of God precede the suggestion of men. Men can only advice base on their own ability to reason, see and from experience but God is the only wise God that knows all things, can do all things because He owns everything.

This morning I challenge you to set standard for your service to God and mankind. Set standard for your marriage and relationship. Set standard for your economy and personal development.

The key to real living is standard. The reason is simple, if you don’t want to be battered; you have to set a standard.

Set standard!

…be inspired, live abundant life and help others, because life is good.

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun


Morning Dose 20150523…RESPONSIBILITY


By The Leading Of Holy Spirit I Was Told To Tell You To BE RESPONSIBLE.

Without responsibility life will become lean, without responsibility life will become hard and without responsibility life will be unachievable. Responsibility therefore is the key in the school of success.

Goodnews until you take responsibility you will not get out of liability. Bad news, if you don’t take responsibility you might never share testimony.

Take responsibility for your life. Take responsibility for your retirement. Take responsibility to be a good husband/wife and take responsibility to be a good father/mother to your children.

Those that don’t care will end in fear and never live their lives. This morning I want you not to get to work or enjoy the week but I want you to take responsibility.

Don’t just take responsibility, be responsible.

…be inspired, live abundant life and help others, because life is good.

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun

Get Serious Life Is Serious…Vitamins of The Mind 115-TheSecret101

The Big Question Of Life


Finance Is Serious. You Have To Be Serious In Saving And Investing. Don’t Spend The Money You Don’t Have And Don’t Buy What You Can’t Afford. Building Credit Is A New Generation Of Slavery. Remember, The Borrower Is A Servant To The Lender And The Voice Of The Poor Is Not Heard. Get Serious About Your Finances.

Education Is Serious. You Have To Know, Learn And Study. You Can’t Give What You Don’t Have. The Law Of Education States That –If You Don’t Have It You Can’t Give It, If You Have It You Can’t Hide It. Building Mental Capacity And Develop Sound Mind Is The Secret Of Champions. Acquiring Adequate And Relevant Knowledge In Your Field Will Launch You Beyond Your Imagination. Anytime You Are In Challenge, Life Is Simply Ask You To Display Your Level Of Knowledge In That Area. So Your Level Of Education Will Determine Your Level Of Response. Get Serious Life Is Serious.

Building Family Is Serious. The Foundational Secret Of Family Success Is Husband Must Love And Wife Must Respect Any Order Thing Is Just Decoration. Get Serious About Your Marriage Love Your Wife, Get Serious About Your Marriage Respect Your Husband. I Know That, It Is Hard To Love A Woman That Won’t Respect, And Very Hard To Respect A Man That Won’t Love. But One More Thing That I Know Very Well Is That Excuse Is Not A Jargon In The School OF Success, The Secret Is Succeed Anyhow.

The Goodnews Is That You Shall Be Celebrated If You Succeed But You Will Be Overwhelm With Shame If Your Marriage Collapse, If You End-up Broke And Stupid For Lack Of Knowledge. In The School Of Success Nobody Listen To Stories, Because Life First Demand Your Result And Later Demand Your Testimony Not Story. That Is Why You Need To Get Serious To Learn And Know All That You Need To Know About Finance, Self Development And Marriage. Get Serious Life is Serious.

Nobody Can Escape The Question Of Life. Are You Serious?

The Secret101
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This Day 09182013…New Month New Network

Network1The Eighteen Day Of The Month Of September 2013

It’s A Day To Start Growing Your List Of Potential People That Will Part Of Your Success Story

It’s A Day To Start Building Up People That Believes In Your Dreams

It’s A Day To Start Selecting Positive Mental Attitude Thinkers

Network Is The Force That Breaks The Limitation On Vision And Life

Network Is The Force That Expand Net-worth And Create Room For More.


1. It Broaden Your Scope
2. It Increase Your Result


Discover Your Purpose
Develop A Message
Determine Your Audience
Deliver Your Message
Decide Your Destination


It Increase Net-worth
It Breeds Confidence

The Secret

Your Network Will Determine Your Net-worth.

…Be Inspired, Help Others, And Live Abundance Life

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun

The Secret101/Self Development (6)

MeThursday is a Self Development Day. I had an experience yesterday, it makes me change my BB personal statement, I advise you read, because it going to help you, but if you are not on my list you can follow me on twitter @adedokunr or Facebook Adedokun Rotimi. Let’s talk about life again. A lot of people were surprised the first day they saw me on the TV program. I received a lot of calls and some that knew me before my appearance on the air, began to see me as extra ordinary being. And you know everybody is an ordinary begin, it is the extra thing that some people did that makes them extraordinary.

The secret is this, life will not respect your certificates, I have done stuff with master holders and I realized school is not school until you are screw into school. Life will only respect how much value you place on self development. Going back to bed without self development is like a day that never exist. Have you ever ask why Samsung will prefer Didier Drogba, Mikel Obi, and Michael Essien to you? Did those guys have the certificates that you possess? They service more people than you do, by developing their talents, that is what makes companies to prefer them. Anybody can be what you are, but not everybody can be star. Real money flow to the direction of stars, become one and you know what am talking about. Stars are in a position of what can I do with money, not I need money to do something. Self development is simply the ability to make yourself what people want, in other words be the answer to their questions, produce a product for their consumption.

What happen to one happen to all, 24hours is available to everybody, the same rain that falls on the poor falls on the rich, the same sun that shines on the poor shines on the rich. Food can be prepare in a good place and be call a sort of names but it is the same food that both rich and poor eat. The only difference in life is your capacity to choose and pay price to achieving your goals. The big question is what do you want from LIFE? Alot of people don’t know what they want that is why they are in want. Some people we say I need money,money and all that I need is money. Ask them how much do you need and what do you want to use the money for. You will be surprise they don’t have an answer. If you can build up yourself to a point you will know that all you need is available for your use.

You are the You that You need to change You, for You to get all that You want. Look at the mirror who you see is the man that is responsible for every state of your life. Ask the man what do you need from me, you will be shock at the reply. He will repeat the same back to you. So don’t give more outside build more on your inside. A few simple things practice everyday will never makes your life remains the same. Self Development is all about paying for value today in other to have your place in destiny tomorrow.

I have a dream one day companies in Nigeria will place advert in newspapers and only people without vision will apply. To make the dream come to pass we need to develop ourselves. Stop living today as if there is no tomorrow, coming out of your comfort zone and think outside the box. Be dissatisfy with the status quo. Stop thinking salary to earn, start thinking how to pay people salary.

I will leave you with this quote from a great man Dennis Waitley “The winners in life think constantly in terms of I can, I will, and I am. Losers, on the other hand, concentrate their
waking thoughts on what they should have or would have done, or what they can’t do.”. Who are you a winner or loser?

The Secret101
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