The Secret101/Creation & Wisdom (7)

Monday is a Creation & Wisdom day. Welcome to this great week of light where no darkness is permitted into your life. Reference to the introduction of last week, the first thing God did was to create, so I will like to continue by saying light was the first thing that God created. Why light? Light is a force that silent darkness. Some people are in tick darkness right now because they are confused knowing nothing else to do, all because they don’t have the light to live their life. Listen If God needs light to start His work proper, then you can’t do without it.

What is Light? The capacity of information that is available to you per time. If lawyers needs to consult books every time, and Doctors won’t stop learning, Pastor won’t stop reading the word because they are new every morning and footballers won’t stop training because they want to keep fit for the future. So if you want to make sense to your world go for INFORMATION. Information according Rev Sam Adeyemi is into two words IN and FORMATION. Therefore, what enters you will forms you and form your destiny.

Working with a big organization does not tells me who you are, it just show me your choice. There are two bankers that are very closed to me, and their storied was just worth of covering my face before sharing it. Managing people’s fund does not make you a rich, it just make you a fund manager. The real bankers knows themselves. The two bankers that I reference earlier are both living next to poverty level now, this are the people that travel once in a year with their family abroad. The man has cars, now walking with his foot, I noticed this when I began to see him at bus stop doing nothing at early hours of the day, and the woman will come ask for loan every time from my mother. Both of them as put their families into excess shame. If you fail to learn what it takes to go up, you will be on the ground forever. God does not lift people up, He sent is WORD to inform you Gen17:1 Isaac will never show up until Abraham work perfect with God. So when you follow instruction, you will emerge as Champion..

I don’t know where you work today, but I know the definition of your purpose of going to work for 30days. So below is the meaning of salary.

If you say no to the above, please talk to me is your salary ever enough? Having extra certificates, does not bring fulfillment, it is having the information that does. That is why Micheal Dell, Bill Gate, Richard Branson, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn can succeed at first without formal education. Formal education will make you exist, while self education will make you live.

Let me round up on people (Network) which is the first P in the school of success. There is no free launch anywhere, the only free things in life is what you pay for. The more free gifts or things that you get, the more money you pay indirect. Facebook attracted a lot of people by making you sign up for free. They control a lot of traffic and the traffic grew. They sell the presence of people to organizations, and organization sell their product to the people. Life is all about secret. Think deep and create your own network then watch what will happen to your finance. If you are reading on BlackBerry, you are in the network of BlackBerry, if you are reading on facebook you are in facebook network, if you are reading this on wordpress, you are in wordpress network, if you watch Television you are in their network of the provider. This is what I mean, you are in the network of where you are reading this from. Bad news you can’t run from networks, Goodnews, you can create yours.

Live ready as we talk about the second P in the school of success next week. Remember your network is what will determine your networth.

…be inspired, live abundant life, help others.

The Secret101
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